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Thursday 2 June 2022

Ishmael United - Song Of The Last Generation (1979)

 b/w Crowd Trouble

Bristol Born Rev. Ian Smale better known by his stage name Ishmael is a Christian Punk / Children's Music Musician.
He started performing in his teens along with lifelong friend Andy Piercy, forming the acoustic duo Ishmael and Andy (his stage name coming from the similarity of his birth name to the Old Testament Biblical Character). 
They parted ways in the mid 70's with Piercy later joining After The Fire & Ishmael flying Solo until 1978 when he formed Ishmael United. 

Ian Smale (Voc) 
Dave "Luigi" Evans (Guitar/Keys)
Laurie "Piggy Malone" Mellor (Bass)
Pete "Pedro" Wills (Drums) 

They recorded 2 Excellent LP's 'If You Can't Shout Saved You'll Have To Face The Penalty' which this 45 is lifted from & after a name change to Rev Counta And The Speedoze, 'Life Begins At Thirty' (Also there's a possible Drummer change although Dave "Jimmy" Bickley could be the same guy) 

From Cross Rhythms Mag 78 (23-12-2003)
Laurie Mellor; hated me calling him Larry but enjoyed being called 'Piggy'! Definitely the thinker of the band...but could lose himself in a one bedroomed apartment! 
Dave Evans, was the serious musician in the band so he and I spent a lot of time arguing...yes, and even physically fighting each other but that's what good buddy's do under pressure...don't they? 
Pete Wills; was the quiet one but he often acted out what we were thinking. There was the odd occasion when he was slightly aggressive and in true punk fashion kicked his drum cases around the stage mumbling 'what are we doing here Lord?' on arrival at a gig where little preparation had been done.
"It was fun, it was exciting and it really was only Bill Mason and ourselves that were playing the music of the day...new wave and manic punk!" - Ishmael

Discography of interest to The New Wave Fan  
Cassette 1978 It’s Amazin’ What Praisin’ Can Do - 
                                Kingsway Music Genesis [Ishmael With After The fire]
LP         1979 If You Can’t Shout Saved - 
                                Kingsway Music DOVE60 [Ishmael United]
7''         1979. Song Of The Last Generation/Crowd Trouble - 
                                Kingsway Music 5NIL [Ishmael United] 
LP         1980 Life Begins At 30 - Duff Records DUFF001 
                                         [Rev Counta And The Speedoze]
7''         1980 The Glories/The Return Of The Magnificent Glories - 
                                Kingsway Music KMS908 [Ishmael]