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Saturday 3 December 2022

Bombay Ducks - Sympathy For The Devil (1980)


b/w 1-0-6-9

Everyone loves a cover. How about a DIY Post-Punk Minimal one?

The Bombay Ducks were a duo of recording engineers Nicky Rogers (AKA Nicky Patriachaeos) and Vic Ball. [AKA Paul Hamilton & Joseph Duarte] with the "ooh ooh's " courtesy of Mike Whittall 

1980 7''  Sympathy For The Devil/1-0-6-9 - Complete Control [CON 1]
1980 VA CASS ~ A Bagful Of Angst - Not on Label [005] [Croonin' 'bout My Baby]
1981 LP Dance Music - United Dairies [UD 05] [Life For Christine /The New Remorse/ There She Goes (Again)/ Glass Piano// The Trial Of Mr. Grey/ Danzmusik 667/ Carnival Courtesy Of A Daughter]
1981 VA LP  ~ Hoisting The Black Flag - United Dairies [UD 06] [Dance Music]

Useless info 1 - The Bombay Ducks are possibly better known for Engineering early works by Nurse With Wound

Useless info 2 - I would hazard a guess that the artwork for the Press Ad, as it is similar to the LP, is by Danielle Dax.

If You want to hear the 2 comps they can be found here 

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Brian Copsey And The Commotions - Boys In Love (1981)


b/w Send You My Picture

Short lived band (1980-81) from the London area

Brian Copsey (Voc Guitar)
Loz Netto (Lead Guitar) ex Sniff 'n' the Tears (1978-80)
Robby Burns (Bass)
Chris Wyles (Drums) ex No Dice (1977-79) 

Loz Netto was replaced by Huw Gower (ex The Records 1978-80) for the bands second release.

Chris Wyles was also playing with Victims of Pleasure during his tenure with the band & went on to drum for Shakin Stevens amongst many others.
From Brian's Bio
...when the punk thing took off, I let Hazel O Connor cut off all my hair, and I backed her for a year or so. This was all great fun, but eventually I felt it was time to do something with my own songs, so I managed to blag a month in a residential studio in France with what was basically Sniff and the Tears backing me and a great engineer called Steve Lipson. The resulting album’s worth of material brought me a recording contract with Chrysalis. 
It was at this point that things went astray for a while. In my naivity, I thought that I had earned the right to have fun making records, but the label I had signed to was a serious, no prisoners taken, commercial outlet who were used to releasing hit records with career minded people.... Anyway, we spent a year or so at cross purposes, releasing a couple of singles that were well received in Europe, and got good reviews in the British music press, but on top of an unofficial BBC ban on any future recordings, I refused to go touring in America, and from that point on it’s not so much that I was dropped, as we just stopped talking to each other ...permanently

7" 13-02-1981 Boys In Love/Send You My Picture (Chrysalis Records CHS 2499)
7" 10-07-1981 Love's Made A Fool Of You/Wendy (Chrysalis Records CHS 2531)

Useless info 1 the Cover Photo was by Chris Gabrin  [L-R Chris, Brian, Robby, Loz]

Useless info 2 Boys In Love Was included on the 2002 Spanish Compilation Metrojets Vol. 1

Useless info 3 Boys In Love was aired twice by John Peel on his 04-02-1981 & 10-02-1981 Shows

'Play me that twangy guitar and I’m anybody's" - John Peel 10-02-1981

"Brian Copsey and the Commotions were a good band, but they failed to excite record buyers: They were on Chrysalis. They came right out of the blue and they were very hip for a short time. Brian Copsey was a Bryan Ferry with a bit of the lounge lizard about him and they were a good rock band. Although Brian wrote a lot of material, Chrysalis wanted me to cut the band on the Buddy Holly song, ‘Love’s Made A Fool Of You’, which became a single. Other titles included ‘Shavin’ With The Lights On’, ‘King Of The Hop’ and ‘Shirley In The Rain’, but not everything was released. They didn’t last long and I stole the drummer, Chris Wyles, to replace Howard Tibble in Shakin’ Stevens’ band. 
I would chop and change players like that, so everything has a benefit in the long run.” 
- Stuart Colman (Producer) RIP

Saturday 8 October 2022

Revolver - One & One Is Two (1979)

b/w Nobody I Know

Cool Beatles Sounding Powerpop from

Brian Doran (Voc Guitar) 
Keith Gunson (Voc Bass) later in The Cherry Boys 
Derek Barlow (Guitar Voc)
Paul Scrutton (Drums Voc)

Revolver was a side project for Black Maria [A Beatles Cover band popular on the Merseyside circuit throughout the 70' & early 80's]

September 1979 saw the release of this 45 & an LP [Northern Songs (The Lennon & McCartney Compositions the Beatles Never Issued)] on Rox Records

LP Tracklist  [with the original Artists that released them]
01 One And One Is Two [Mike Shannon & The Strangers]
02 Bad To Me [Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas]
03 World Without Love [Peter & Gordon]
04 Love Of The Loved [Cilla Black]
05 I'll Keep You Satisfied [Billy J. Kramer]
06 That Means A Lot [P.J. Proby]
07 I'll Be On My Way [Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas]
08 I Don't Want To See You Again [Peter & Gordon]
09 Hello Little Girl [The Fourmost]
10 Tip Of My Tongue [Tommy Quickly]
11 Nobody I Know [Peter & Gordon]
12 From A Window [Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas]
13 Step Inside Love [Cilla Black]
14 Like Dreamers Do [The Applejacks]
15 Goodbye [Mary Hopkin]
16 It's For You [Cilla Black]
17 I'm In Love [The Fourmost]

Useless Info 1 - One & One is Two was composed in Jan 1964 @ The George V Hotel, Paris.

Useless Info 2 - One & One is Two also had an outing in the USA in 1979 courtesy of The Badbeats 

Useless Info 3 - The LP [Trio Records – AW-1053] & another 45 [Goodbye/World Without Love - Trio Records – AW-124] were released in Japan as a tribute/obituary to John Lennon in early '81. 

Saturday 10 September 2022

Hot Snax - Theme From A Movie (1980)


b/w Thinking Of You

2 New Wave tracks from this Newcastle Area Band (1976 - 1980)

Steven Foley (Voc Guitar)
Mike Procter (Bass)  
Jimmy Bulloch (Drums) ex Deep Freeze   
Paul Newman (Keys) ex Deep Freeze

Ken Black (Producer)

1977 VA LP  Kansas City [All Together - Bedrock  IS/BED/123]
1977 12''     Pressure Drop/Treat Me Right, Tonight [Munch Records Inc. MR1 MR2]
1980 7"       Theme From A Movie/Thinking Of You [Zuppé Parese Records]

This above line-up is almost completely different to the earlier incarnation that released the 12" & Track on the LP 

Louise Jabb AKA Miss Funky Nightingale (Voc)
Steven Foley AKA Max Liquid Silicon (Guitar Voc)
Robert Longstaff AKA Mr Magic Fingers (Guitar)
Keith Tulip AKA Professor Cord En Bleu (Bass Voc)
Paul McGonnell AKA Mr Arthur Crab Nebula (Drums)

Useless info
- As you can see the sleeve has 2 colour variants

Sunday 7 August 2022

White Feather - Summer Days / Golden Haze (1983)

 b/w Feathered Girl

A Fine DIY / Psyche-Lite 45 from these Nottingham area boys (19 at the time of recording)

The 45 is from two different Recording Sessions. Although the Studio remains the same the players differ very slightly.

The Studio was Stu Stevens' (Engineer of the 45) Eagle (Ash) Studios, Annesley Woodhouse.
Cookie AKA Graham Cooke (Voc Bass Tambourine)*
Alan & Cookie
Alan S Robinson (Guitar / Egg Cups)
Darren Warner (Drums)
John Harrison (Egg Cups)

Feathered Girl [12-08-83]
Cookie AKA Graham Cooke (Voc Bass)*
Alan S Robinson (Guitar)

* At this time on hiatus from Solvent Abuse  

The Record (513 copies) was released in December 1983 

Useless info - For the 1st recording session Darren didn't own drums himself so some were hired the day before going into the studio. Giving him just the 1 night to rehearse the tunes.

For Memories/Bios of the band from the 2 main members follow the links below 
Alan S Robinson 

Saturday 2 July 2022

Frank Soda - Oversexed And Underfed (1980)

b/w Crazy Girls

Great Pop-Rock/Powerpop on Canadian Frank Soda's sole UK release.
The 45 was also released in Canada but with the sides flipped making Crazy Girls the lead track.

Frank Soda (Voc Guitar) 
Charles Towers (Bass Voc)
John Lechasseur (Drums)

Here's a bit about Frank - You can read his Full Bio here 
Originally from Italy & christened Francesco Soda He grew up in Kitimat, B.C. Canada.
In the mid 1960s he started playing guitar, inspired by British Invasion groups before falling in love with the raw energy of the blues & being influenced by Clapton, Beck, Page, Hendrix, etc.
In 1973, Frank met up with Thor, who needed a band to tour and record. Frank, John and Charles became that band. Thor eventually dubbing them The Imps due to their diminutive size, 
L-R Frank, John, Charles
In late 1975 The Imps parted company with Thor & began to gather a cult following as a band in their own right. Frank began writing songs and one of those, 'TV People' soon became an anthem in the local Toronto clubs. The song was about getting "screwed up" by watching too much television so Frank decided to illustrate this by exploding a TV on his head. He soon added other strange headwear such as the The Smoking Pig on 'High Times' & taking audience photographs with a Gigantic Camera on 'Take My Picture Please'.
In 1979, the Imps were voted the 'Best Canadian Bar Band' and caught the attention of 104.5 CHUM-FM radio. They recorded their first album 'In The Tube' live. After touring throughout Canada, the group came back to Toronto and signed a record deal with Quality Records. Frank Soda And The Imps AKA Soda Pop (Which this 45 is lifted from) was released in 1980, although recorded on a shoestring budget, it enabled the band to play to larger audiences whilst sharing the stage with such bands as Triumph, Deep Purple, Savoy Brown, Ian Hunter and Goddo.
In 1981 the original Imps disbanded.

Thursday 2 June 2022

Ishmael United - Song Of The Last Generation (1979)

 b/w Crowd Trouble

Bristol Born Rev. Ian Smale better known by his stage name Ishmael is a Christian Punk / Children's Music Musician.
He started performing in his teens along with lifelong friend Andy Piercy, forming the acoustic duo Ishmael and Andy (his stage name coming from the similarity of his birth name to the Old Testament Biblical Character). 
They parted ways in the mid 70's with Piercy later joining After The Fire & Ishmael flying Solo until 1978 when he formed Ishmael United. 

Ian Smale (Voc) 
Dave "Luigi" Evans (Guitar/Keys)
Laurie "Piggy Malone" Mellor (Bass)
Pete "Pedro" Wills (Drums) 

They recorded 2 Excellent LP's 'If You Can't Shout Saved You'll Have To Face The Penalty' which this 45 is lifted from & after a name change to Rev Counta And The Speedoze, 'Life Begins At Thirty' (Also there's a possible Drummer change although Dave "Jimmy" Bickley could be the same guy) 

From Cross Rhythms Mag 78 (23-12-2003)
Laurie Mellor; hated me calling him Larry but enjoyed being called 'Piggy'! Definitely the thinker of the band...but could lose himself in a one bedroomed apartment! 
Dave Evans, was the serious musician in the band so he and I spent a lot of time arguing...yes, and even physically fighting each other but that's what good buddy's do under pressure...don't they? 
Pete Wills; was the quiet one but he often acted out what we were thinking. There was the odd occasion when he was slightly aggressive and in true punk fashion kicked his drum cases around the stage mumbling 'what are we doing here Lord?' on arrival at a gig where little preparation had been done.
"It was fun, it was exciting and it really was only Bill Mason and ourselves that were playing the music of the day...new wave and manic punk!" - Ishmael

Discography of interest to The New Wave Fan  
Cassette 1978 It’s Amazin’ What Praisin’ Can Do - 
                                Kingsway Music Genesis [Ishmael With After The fire]
LP         1979 If You Can’t Shout Saved - 
                                Kingsway Music DOVE60 [Ishmael United]
7''         1979. Song Of The Last Generation/Crowd Trouble - 
                                Kingsway Music 5NIL [Ishmael United] 
LP         1980 Life Begins At 30 - Duff Records DUFF001 
                                         [Rev Counta And The Speedoze]
7''         1980 The Glories/The Return Of The Magnificent Glories - 
                                Kingsway Music KMS908 [Ishmael] 

Saturday 7 May 2022

Glass Ties - Tight (1982)

b/w Saturday Girls

Another of those 45's were the B-side is way better than the "Expected Hit"

London Based 3 piece Glass Ties were one of EMI's great white hopes for 1982/83
Michael Christer (Voc Guitar) 
Russell Emanuel (Bass Voc) 
Warren Bennett (Keys, Drums) 

Mike  Russell & Warren
With Terry Slater (EMI A&R)

7" Tight / Saturday Girls - EMI 5281 [Mar 1982]
7" You You You / Views (From Other Bridges) - EMI 5368 [Feb 1983]
12" You You You (Dancable Mixture) / You You You (Radio Mixture) / Views (From Other Bridges) 12 EMI 5368

Useless Info   Warren Bennett is the son of The Shadows drummer Brian (who was also the drummer on this classic).

Saturday 9 April 2022

Transporter - Kids On The Run (1982)


Time for some Female Voc New Wave / Pop/Rock from this London Based band

Claire Hamill (Voc) 
Barry Francis (Guitar)
Bernie Brummel (Bass)
Mark Birmingham (Drums) Played on the Saints LP The Monkey Puzzle (1981)

The Song had 2 Outings

7'' Flexi Kids On The Run / Intoxicating - Mother Trucker MT1 [Dead Wax SFI 673]

7''         Kids On The Run / Halfway House -  High Force [HIGH 1] (Released 26 Nov 1982)

Useless Info  Claire Hamill was married to Beggars Banquet co-founder Nick Austin 

Sounds & Scans

Saturday 12 March 2022

Access - Audacity EP (1981)

A1 - I To I 
A2 - A Case Of Parricide 
B1 - White Dwarf  
B2 - Miss Constructed

Andrew Tull - Guitar, Voc
Anthony Welton - Bass
Nickolas Clark - Drums, Voc
Adrian Clark - Clarinet, Keys, Voc
Tracey Allwood - Keys, Percussion, Voc

Great D.I.Y. New Wave EP by this Reading Five Piece [1980 -1983]  [Recorded March 29-30 1981]

7'' EP ~ Audacity - Suffer For Their Art Records [STA 001-7] 1981
I To I / A Case Of Parricide // White Dwarf / Miss Constructed

VA ~ Beyond The River - Open Door Records [OD 001] 1982

LP ~ Beef - Suffer For Their Art Records [STA 002-12] 1982
Sweeney Erect / No New Men / Sign Of The Times / Short / Life Could Be A Dream / More - Of The Same / Pyramid / Flight After Freddie Laker // Post Mortem / Dance Of The Carbonaria / The Cruiser / Decisions Decisions / Tear It Down / Shukorra / Terms Of The Contract / Chlorophyll

There's a short early Band Bio in the Download

Sunday 6 February 2022

Funeral Service - Pills (1986)

 b/w - Teenage kicks 

60's Garage / Mod band from Reims, France [1984-88]

Thierry Wippler (Voc)* [84-88]
Antoine Proust (Guitar, Voc)* [84-88]
Didier Doche (Guitar, Voc) [84-87] Dominique Chathuant [87-88]
Matthieu Kaltenbach (Bass)* [84-87] Jean-Marc Wadel [87-88]
Ludovic Hesnault (Drums) [84-87] Hervé [87-88]

*Later in Les Volfonis   
Thierry, Didier, Antoine, Matthieu, Ludovic


1986 7'' - Pills / Teenage Kicks [Black Cat Records - FUN45001]
1988 Demo Cassette  - What Do You Want / She Didn't Forget /A Date With Your Sister / Little Jim [Self Produced]

Sunday 9 January 2022

Fanny 'n' Danny - Second Hand Rag (1981)


b'w - 'Til You Been There

Second Hand Rag is from the 1981 Play "Wild Wild Women" written for the Orange Tree Theatre Richmond, Surrey's 10th Anniversary & is a bit too Chas n Dave for me but the flip is Good Pub Rock/New Wave 

Fanny 'n' Danny =
Nola York [Singer, Songwriter]
Michael Richmond RIP [Musician, Songwriter]

Michael & Nola 

Released on Aggro Records [AG2]

Produced by Riss Chantelle RIP [After the demise of The Chantelles, Riss Chantelle formed Chantelle Music, and managed Nola York]

Engineer Graham Bryant

Useless Info - The setting of the play "Wild Wild Women" is the mining town of Aggroville [Notice a theme anyone?]