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Sunday 7 April 2024

The Burpas - Fat Man (1981)

b/w - Dummies

A nice mix of Ska & New Wave on the only release from this Cardiff 5 piece (1980-81)

Caroline Limmer (Voc)
Matthew Mars-Jones (Guitar)
Chris Honeybone (Bass)
Sian Edwards (Drums Voc)
Michael Kirkland (Sax)

They Began life as ‘Big Daddy And The Burpas’ when formed at the Cardiff Art College but slimmed down to the above line-up after a few gigs.

Off the back of winning the 1980 Welsh Rock and Pop Competition [held at the Top Rank Cardiff Suite], they released this single on the Dutch Dureco Benelux label early in '81. It was produced by Tony Etoria whom they first met in 1980 when Tony was running events at Mel's Club (111 Bute Street) in Butetown.  

Alex Miles (Ex Vaseline Tigers) joined on drums around June '81, leaving both Caroline and Sian to share vocal duties until Caroline left during July.

The band relocated to Brixton, London during September.

Useless Info 1 Caroline used to run the Bar for Art College events.

Useless Info 2 They played along side many bands during their brief tenure including Moira and the Mice, Reptile Ranch, The Riotous Brothers, The Selecter and Misty In Roots.

Thanks to Cardiff Music History for some of the info.