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Saturday 5 August 2023

Jimmy Edwards & The Profile - Nora's Diary (1979)

b/w Call Me A Fraud

James Arthur Edwards' (18 April '49 - 13 Jan '15 RIP) Music career was pretty impressive / extensive running from 1963 - 2015 but for the purpose of this post I'll focus (as best I can) on the years 1978-80.
If you want to know more I suggest you go here 
and also read the excellent interview he did with Stewart Home 

Noras Diary was recorded April '79 during the recording of the Sessions for "The Adventures of Hersham Boys" which were done at the Honky Chateau. (Château d'Hérouville) 20 miles North of Paris, France.

Jimmy Edwards & The Profile
began as
Jimmy Edwards (Voc)
Steve Wilkinson (Guitar) ex Masterswitch / Neo
Andy Prince (Bass) ex Rikki & The Last Days of Earth
Derek Quinton (Drums) ex Neo

However the Musicians on this 45 are
Jimmy Edwards (Voc)
Dave Parsons (Guitar) From Sham 69
Dave Treganna (Bass) From Sham 69
Mark Cain (Drums) From Sham 69

21 Apr 1978 Action Replay / Mass Media Meditation - Epic [S EPC 6259]

Jimmy Edwards And The Profile
29 Jun 1979 Nora's Diary / Call Me A Fraud - Warner Bros. [K 17415]
12 Oct 1979 Twentieth Century Time / Seven Hail Marys - Warner Bros.[K 17464]
02 May 1980 Toys / Hard Heart - Polydor [2059 240]

Jimmy Edwards
25 Jul 1980 Cabaret / Drag It Back - Polydor [2059 256]
10 Apr 1981 In The City / Five Minute Girl - Polydor [POSP 240 2059 338]

Other Credited / Uncredited Work
1978 During the dying days of Masterswitch Jimmy was the vocalist for Mean Street  
1978 After Masterswitch he was the singer for Flintlock with his Vocals (Uncredited due to his CBS contract) on the LP "Stand Alone" and the 45 "(Hey You) You're Like A Magnet",
1979 (March*) during the recording sessions for Twentieth Century Time The Public Pisstake track [My Own Creation] was recorded. This was a one-off studio project by Jimmy Pursey (Voc) Jimmy Edwards (Guitar) Jimmy Honeyman-Scott (Lead Guitar) Pete Farndon (Bass) Martin Chambers (Drums
1979 (July - Aug*) Jimmy Pursey briefly left "Sham 69" and Edwards was drafted in as the new singer. A single [Dare To Win / Just Ordinary] was recorded [but not released until 2011] as Pursey re-joined once The Sham Pistols fell through. 
1979 (Aug -Sept*) Jimmy Contributed Backing Vocals (along with Elvis Costello) for The Twist's LP "This Is Your Life"  His involvement was due to him sharing Twist's lead singer, Peter Marsh's then manager, Tony Gordon, Who also managed Sham 69. 

Useless Info - Nora's Diary Appeared on the 90's Comps Powerpearls Vol.1 & Teenage Treats Vol.2

* Approx Dates