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Sunday 10 September 2023

Moonstruck - Promotional Release EP (1980)

Also Known as the "It's Just A Matter Of Time" EP

Most copies are blank white labels with a number (1-100) and the band name & Promotional Release although some seem to have no numbers

For a while it was thought the A-side was called "It's Just A Matter Of Time (Before They Drop The Bomb)" due to a seller giving the below info:

"I was given 2 copies by the band's Guitarist (who is now a Record Company Executive) He told me that the band pressed 100 copies only for Promotional purpose, sending them to radio stations and record companies in the hope of getting a deal and some airplay. He also told me that they played with The Lurkers and Protex in 1979 and 1980. The Guitarist only remembers the title of the A side as: "It's Just A Matter Of Time (Before They Drop The Bomb)" & did not remember the titles of the 2 great songs on the other side."

Since this was sold (around 2010) other copies have surfaced the most interesting 2 being:
In 2013 a copy appeared (#19) with a London Phone number 01-807-1581 meaning at least 1 of the band was from the Edmonton area  
In 2023 a copy appeared (#14) that had the labels written on in pen stating the song titles are 

A1 - If We Keep Going To Places That We've Never Been To Before We'll Never Get Bored
B1 - Mice In Plastic Macs 
B2 - The Last Straw

The Matrix run-outs are
OCC+3-1-1  'Where's My £2.50?'
OCC+3-1-2  'A Porkys Prime Cut'

Sadly I know nothing about the band so if anyone can add any info please leave a comment