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Saturday 30 April 2011

B.G. And The Mouse - Breaker One Four (1981)

b/w - Channel Tunnel

Quirky little tune from the pen of Peter (The Mouse) Malski

I received an E-mail from Peter last week, with the sad news that Barry Gibbons (B.G.) had passed away earlier this month. As I'd obtained a copy of this a few weeks ago I thought it fitting to post it as a (sort of) epitaph.

This is the duo's 1st 45 for Maestro records (2nd here) I'm not sure if there were any session players used but my guess is Mike Fuller (sax) & Mick Jaques (drums) were most likely involved.

According to Peter; the CB jargon was from a "glossary of CB slang" that came with a CB Radio set bought for his then 10 year old son. The tune was hummed into a tape recorder & then sent to Barry, who did the rest.

Sounds & scans below


Friday 29 April 2011

The Official Secrets - Fooling With My Heart (1981)

b/w - Paradise Time

Nice bit o' Mod / powerpop from this Welsh (Cardiff) band

Christopher Duffy (voc)
Philip Cilia (guitar)
Nick Newman (bass)
Dave Elliott (drums)
Gareth Bond (keyboards)

By the looks of the sleeve / labels I'd hazard a guess that they may have been working under the name "the Secrets" but due to the many other bands using this moniker, lengthened it.

Chris Duffy & Phil Cilia later went on to fame (?) as Waterfront who have a myspace

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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Frank Xerox And The Copy Cats - Judy In Disguise (1978)

b/w - Rock Show

Great cover of the 1967 hit from "John Fred And His Playboy Band"

There's already plenty of info on this over at 45 revs

Just In case you can't be bothered to click on the link though....

Frank Xerox was Chris Gent (voc)- later in The Stukas / Autographs / Blue Meanies amongst others
& the Copy Cats were "the Speedometers" - another band he later joined
Ian Taylor (guitar)
Martin Findlay (guitar)
Robbie Watson (bass)
Lol Gellor (drums)

If you like Judy In Disguise there's also an interesting synth-pop version of it by the Silicon Teens or a straight bubblegum version by ?

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Monday 25 April 2011

Eugene And The Syncopaters - The Great Romantic (1980)

b/w - Kitten Kicker

1st of 3 45's for this "comedy" band on the Bob & John Hardman owned Swamp Records.

The record utilizes the "golden tonsils" of Sir Arthur Throat on The Great Romantic & there is a "vocal extravaganza" from Nigel Nasty Sandwich on Kitten Kicker.

This may have been their most popular release as it managed to be picked up (& released early '81) by Elton John's Rocket record company (XPRES 50)

BTW it's the b-side that's worth a listen - sort of comedy punk 'n' roll

The other 2 releases were:
Keep Your Pecker Up / Gorgeous Girl (WAM 113 - June '81)
Something On Your shoe / Knock Kneed Knellie (WAM 116 - November '81) - I'd only recommend them if you like the A side of this - otherwise steer clear!

For a better 45 on this label go here

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Saturday 23 April 2011

Eyes - Eyes EP (1980)

A1 - Is He Your Boyfriend Now?
A2 - Here And Now
B1 - No Woman Of Mine Would
B2 - Dirty Shame

Great powerpop on the 1st track but the other 3 are just good rock tunes.

I've put this down as Dutch but the band was one of many for Canadian born & Californian living Neil Merryweather (voc bass) who was living, working (producing acts for Dureco Records) in Amsterdam at the time.
The story goes that he was friends with Cees Wessels (head of Dutch RCA Records) who wanted him to record some follow up tracks in the same vein as one of his earlier bands (Space Rangers) So he was signed to RCA & brought Michael Willis (guitar, voc also ex Space Rangers) over from Los Angeles. They then augmented the line up with drummer Cees Meerman from Herman Broods Wild Romance & Ken Spence (sax & Rhythm guitar) from Nina Hagen’s band.
In the middle of winter '79, the band left for Northern Holland to record an album “Radical Genes” at the Spitzbergen Studios. All 4 of these tracks are lifted from it.
Once the LP was finished Cees was replaced by Belgian drummer Rogier Wollaert & the band toured the record at small town venues around Amsterdam.
The band folded, as Willis returned to California.

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Wednesday 20 April 2011

RollerCoaster - Love Of The Loved (1980)

b/w - (You Should) Forget That Girl

Great Beatle-esque powerpop from this Utrecht area Band.

Paul Stuiver (voc guitar) ex clouds
Henk Hager (guitar voc) ex 909 later in Diesel
Cok Stuiver (bass voc) ex clouds
Tim Rijken (drums) later in The Few

The Stuiver brothers started the band in '77 along with drummer Ronald Visser & a 4th member who tragically died in '78. The band laid dormant until '79 when Hager & Rijen joined. This 45 being released in Feb 1980 (A cover of The Beatles' then-unreleased "Love Of The Loved" financed by the Beatles Unlimited magazine in a print run of 500 numbered copies).
On the strength of this recording they were offered a recording deal by Torso Records (same label as the Rousers) for which there are 4 recorded (June 1980) but unreleased tracks gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.
(The Tracks are Can't Stop / So You're Sorry / Night Of Romance / Come On Home)
The reason they are unreleased was due to an internal argument over another possible deal (Bert Vegter -manager of Teaser and Turbo - was starting his own record label, Pure Gold Records)
This disagreement ultimately led to Henk Hager leaving to start his own band "The Cast" & being replaced by Erik Compeer who is name checked on their 2nd & Final 45
(You Should) Forget That Girl / Come On home (1981 - Pure Gold records).
He apparently never played on the 45 & only lasted a few weeks before being replaced by Peter Alberts (also ex 909)
The Band split in November 1981 when Rijken & Alberts formed "The Few" with ex Rousers Bassist Rob Marienus.

Sorry been asked to remove the link but thanks to Sjef for the extra info

Monday 18 April 2011

Emanon - Raging Pain (1977)

b/w - Rip A Bough

Love this 45 - It's taken me ages to get a copy (unfortunately it's without the stamped die-cut sleeve) so now it's your turn to hear & probably want!

If you've followed the link. You'll have read the blurb & as I can't add anything to it it's a short post today!

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 17 April 2011

Bonus Boys - Everytime I See A Car Like Yours Go By (1979)

b/w - Wasting Our Time

This is for Razor over at short sharp kick in the teeth who has just posted their 2nd (& final) 45.
There was a 3rd "So Sad / Head For The Hills" that was recorded but unreleased ( I'm not sure if there are any promo/acetates around)
BTW the 2nd 45 was released due to them winning recording time from a Vancouver "Battle of the bands" contest - beating amongst others the Modernettes (punk Powerpop) / Microwave (Rock) & Volts (Rock)

The Vancouver based Band (1979 - '81) were

Kim Clarke R.I.P. (voc guitar)
Jack Matthews (guitar voc)
Elmar Spanier (bass voc) later in Blue Shadows
Jay "J.B." Johnson (drums voc) later in Blue Shadows

In 1984, 3 members formed Moccasin Telegraph with a new bass player Barry Weih (Wye).

There is a myspace here where you can hear the aborted 45 & get a decent bio on the Bonus Boys.

You can also hear a few tracks from Kim Clarke's 1986 LP "It's A Grey Day" over at Vinyl Obscurity

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 16 April 2011

The Bees - Leave Willie Alone (1980)

b/w - Mr Gaynor

Great powerpop from this Letchworth / Hitchen area band
(I know Mr Gaynor has been comped on Powerpearls 10 & I suspect Leave Willie Alone is on something - I just can't be bothered to look)

The Band were
Pete Phillips (voc)
Rick Camp (guitars voc)
Clive Tonkin (bass)
John Wilson (drums voc)

According to the label Owner Terry Friend it was a toss up between signing The Bees or another local band The Varicose Veins. He obviously choose the Bees, who promptly broke up just after the record was released. (For him a regretful choice - For us another great tune)
Coincidentally Terry's label release before The Bees 45 was The Bleach Boys on Tramp records (TRAMP THF002)

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Thursday 14 April 2011

APB - Chain Reaction (1981)

b/w - Power Crisis

Time for a bit of Pop Punk from this Scottish (Ellon) Trio.

Iain Slater (voc bass)
Glenn Roberts (guitar)
George Cheyne (drums)

This was the 1st of a bunch of 45's but their best D.I.Y. punk offering.
Their 2nd 45 is much more post-punk/funk & then it's all "funky bass guitar" there-after until their 1987 45 Missing You Already/Best Of Our Love - Red River Records which is pretty good indie

There's loads of info here

& there's a website here

Sounds & Scans below


Wednesday 13 April 2011

Mal Cochran - The Girls In Room 429 (1980)

b/w - Maybe I'm A Fool

Well I guess I'm going to have to start posting some things that I have some info on soon but I couldn't resist putting this cool, pretty much unknown powerpopper out.

I'm not really sure if Mal Cochran is a person Or a band named after a character in a 50's western Series

I do know there was a 2nd 45 after this
How Do You Talk To Girls /Hold Back The Night - EMI (1981)
& the writers for both the B-sides were Corkin & Carpenter. However the A-sides were penned by different people:
The Girls In Room 429 by T Taylor (Tot?) - this 45 also had a release in Holland
How Do You Talk To Girls by S.Kipner (?) & T.Suefert

Both the 45's were produced by Christopher Neil - It's a wonder these 45 weren't hits with all the big guns behind them!

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 12 April 2011

Nessie - Can I See You Tommorrow (1981)

b/w - Tell Her

Another non starter for information I'm afraid - pretty sure they were from the North somewhere!

It often gets passed off as powerpop (which it sort of, is, I guess)
If you ask me however, I'd say its more of a decent Rock / New Wave crossover tune.

Both tracks were penned by Bar

Sounds & scans below


Monday 11 April 2011

The Dealers - Don't Touch That Dial (1981)

b/w - Tracey

Double A side from a band which I could tell you nothing about (until LDK's helpful little push in the right direction)

Both side are cool powerpop

Before shortening their name (& their line-up) to "the Dealers" the Birmingham based band were the Mean Street Dealers
They also released (in 1980) the Time Is Tight EP on Inferno records as the Ska City Rockers (If anyone wants this posted - leave a comment!!)

The band were
Mark Bristow (voc guitar)
John Wilson (guitar voc)
Nigel Darvill (keyboards)
JimSimpson (drums) later in Budgie / UFO & a Few other Metal bands

Personally, I prefer Tracey for it's no nonsense pop feel

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 9 April 2011

Skeets Boliver - Both 45's (1977)

A - Streethouse Door
B - I Can't See The Light (Released Feb '77 produced by Mike Green from the pirates)

A - Moonlight In Jeopardy
B - Ain't Been Good To You (Released Oct '77)

Here's both the releases from this Scottish (Dundee) pub rock band.
The band was formed in 1973 from an amalgamation of two bands (Hens Teeth & Mort Wriggle & The Panthers) & originally included

Michael Marra (voc bass) ex Hens Teeth & Tomorrows Children
Arlene Gowans (voc) ex Hens Teeth & Tomorrows Children
Chris Marra (guitar) ex Hens Teeth
Angus Foy
(acoustic guitar) ex Hens Teeth
Stuart Ivins
(guitar) ex Mort Wriggle
Jonathan (Jog) Ogilvie (drums) ex Mort Wriggle

Between 1975 -76 The above guys had a
Sunday night residency at Laings

But by 1977
Arlene had left
Peter McGlone (Sax) had joined &
Jog Had been replaced by:
Brian McDermott on the drum stool - If you can follow that you can work out the line -up for these 2 45's

The Band Split late '79
Michael Marra going down to London & doing some solo stuff for polydor
Stuart Ivins later performing in "Bathtime" (Male/Female Duo)
Peter McGlone joined "Mafia" & is currently in the "Souped Up Fords"
Brian McDermott playing with "Danny Wilson" & "Del Amitri" amongst others

90% of this post is pieced together from posts at the Retro Dundee blog - so to them I thank you!

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 7 April 2011

The Broadside Outcasts - A.B.O. EP (1977)

A1 - Fred's Christmas
A2 - One God
B1 - Good As Gold
B2 - The Pop Starz

Not to be confused with the Broadside Outcasts from Norfolk who became Silent Noise this trio came from Hampshire (Yateley) & consisted of

Clive Burgess (guitar bass voc)
Terry Burgess (acoustic guitar voc)
Steve Cox (drums voc)
Steve had left the band but his replacement (Huw Jones) quit just after the recording studio had been booked so he stepped in to help out.

They billed themselves as Gospel-Punk Rock so you can expect some interesting DIY sounds (I have to admit to not liking this very much when I first had a track sent to me but "The Pop Starz" grew on me until I had to source a copy)

Terry Burgess (now living in Reading) records as the "Fabulous Bingo Brothers" which once was a four-piece including Clive, younger brother Pete & Dave Walker.

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 6 April 2011

The Personnel - Never Be Your Man (1980)

b/w - Working Day Song

Great Sydney band that seemed to break up shortly after this 45 was released (recorded May 1980 at the Basilisk studios released September '80)

Steve Morcom (guitar voc) later in Marble Soldiers
Kim Knight (bass) later in the Agents
Dennis Flannery (drums) later in Marble Soldiers / pop mechanix / The Agents

engineer - M. Bishop
producer - Ken Starr & friend

The 3 had been playing together in various bands since the early 70's (Rainbow, Eskadium, Tuesday Morning)

Never Be your Man can also be found on Sound of Sydney Vol 1

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Star-Beats - Love, Love, Love (1982)

b/w - My Baby

I'm pretty sure you can work out the sound of this Brighton based band

(If not - why not!!)

Eamonn "Fast Eddie" Barrett (voc guitar)
Gareth Webb (guitar)
Simon Mullett (bass)
Barry Baker (drums)

Gareth Webb was replaced by Bob Machin (ex Airtight Garage) & through 1983 they recorded alot of cool stuff at the Sackville Sound Studios (loads of YouTube stuff here)

Eamonn & Bob then seem to have gathered a different bunch around them & formed "The Loving Kind"

Sounds & scans below


Monday 4 April 2011

Radio Radio - Calling EP (1983)

A - Calling
B1 - Signed With A Star
B2 - Beans

Cool mod/powerpop sounds from this London based 5 piece (apparently the members originally hail from South Wales & Essex)

The band members were.

John Short AKA John Voyce (voc)
Dave Humphreys (guitar voc) now in Honeymoon On Mars
Robbie Humphreys (rhythm guitar, keyboards)
Richie Scarr (bass) replaced by Rick Rivens
Dave (Sweat) Terell (drums)
I'm not sure where the surnames Sharp & Parry (who have songwriting credits) come into this - I am now - see the comments

It was produced by Nigel Palmer
There were also 2 other tracks (Boys In Blue & All Eyes Are Blind) released on a compilation LP The Tunnel T1 released on Tunnel records (T42) with 5 other bands
(the bands being: Street Princess / Corporal Henshaw / Major Setback Band / Silent Among Strangers / King Kong & The Empire States)

Tracks on YouTube

She Saved My Life

24 Hours

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 3 April 2011

Seedy Gees - Redancer EP (1980)

A1 - Redancer
A2 - Peggy Sue
B1 - Drinking Their Lives Away
B2 - I'll Meet You At Midnight

Great 60's tinged mod / powerpop

There's very little I can tell you about the band. I believe they were from the Hull area & were at least a quartet

Members may have been

Charles Shirbon
Chris Norfolk
Dave Wilkinson


The band also had a track (Black Cat In White) on the EMI-Joshua Tetley & Son 1980-81"Supergroup" contest LP Rock On [the 12 bands on the LP were all local heat winners for the Northern"battle of the bands"]

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 2 April 2011

The Urgent Crunch Band - Listen To Silence (1981)

b/w - Trust

Cool Mod/punk 45 from this Scottish (Glasgow?) Trio.

Crigg (guitar voc piano)
Pepi (bass voc)
Brian (drums)

It was recorded at Rochdale's Cargo Studios & engineered by the legend that is Colin Richardson

I'm also guessing they were (probably still are) staunch C.N.D. supporters

Sounds & scans below


Friday 1 April 2011

Ginnette - Sea Of heartbreak (1983)

b/w - Changes

Not to sure about the A-side (It's sort of county & western mixed with an 80's ska sound)
Changes; however is a great New wave / powerpop tune - think early Go-Go's with a Knack beat

I'm also at a loss to tell you anything about Ginnette except this was her only release. (Unless of course Ginnette is Little Ginny in disguise)

The 45 was produced by Paul (P.K.) Kirkby who also had a fairly decent 45 out on the same label (Pastafont - l think the Surrey based label may have belonged to him as he seems to have produced most of them! - discography in the download if you're interested)
The sleeve was designed by Mick Sparksman

Sounds & scans below