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Monday, 28 June 2010

B.G. and the mouse - Da doo ron ron (1982)

b/w - clever boy

I'm a sucker for punky/new wave cover versions (this one has been done a few time but the Crystals version from 1964 is still the most widely known)

There is a band biography on the inside of the fold-over sleeve (see the downloaded scans - if you choose to of course!)

This is the 2nd release on maestro for B.G. & The Mouse (the 1st being a 45 called "Breaker One Four / Channel Tunnel" - a synth-pop tune on CB radio usage with an instrumental on the flip)

Saying all of that I think most of you will prefer the B-side!!! (which according to Peter Malski was originally penned as "Belfast Boy" & was in his own words "a sort of homage" to George Best)

25/04/2011 - I've just received an e-mail from Peter Malski (Mouse - writer of the B.G. & the Mouse tunes) who has informed me of the sad news that Barry Gibbons (B.G.) has just passed away. My sympathy goes out to his friends & family.

Scans & sounds below



  1. "Breaker One Four" isn't a patch on this. Nice.

  2. is that a poor pun - or would you like to send an mp3 to prove it! (If you still have it of course)

  3. Sold it, and didn't keep an mp3, sorry.

  4. Steve, I'm missing B-side info for "Breaker One Four" for the website discog. Can you help?

  5. I think it was "Channel Tunnel".

  6. I have the Breaker One Four single. Bought this in a charity shop in Bath for 50p. I like it!

  7. Hi Bradders!
    Feel free to send mp3's to to address on the right.
    I'm sure I've got something that you want to hear in the collection

  8. OK - will rip some mp3s next time I get a chance. Don't suppose you have the Sterotypes 7" do you? ;-)