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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Elfi Graf - Sunday Girl (deutche originalaufnahme) (1979)

b/w noch funf minuten

Well you've all heard Debbie Harry singing this is English & French (some may have heard it in Spanish) Here's a 27 year old Elfi (trying to look younger on the sleeve) singing it in German.
I've included the B-side, as I'm sure people would ask me about it, if I didn't. Personally I'm not going to listen to it again for one second (let alone five minutes)
There are sites to go to if you wish. I'm not going to link to any as I don't think you'll want to hear any thing else by her!

Having said all of that; I like this version & I'm sure you will you!! ---- gotta love the handclaps

sounds & sleeves below



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  2. Hi John I don't have

    Sin Fx - Street Credibility EP or
    Wayward Skylabs - Think About It EP

    but the others I do - strangely someone else has asked for the Odeons 45 so am already in the process of ripping / scanning that.

    I'll post them soon

  3. You actually piqued my curiosity with the b-side. I like a lot of offbeat weird things and I often prefer the songs other people say are bad but you're right about this one.
    Pure crap.
    The A is forgettable but it's not bad.

    Thanks for the Odds. Both songs are much better than the Saturday Night 7".