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Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Legendary Luton Kippers - Fulham Court e.p. (1982)

4 track e.p.
A1 - The Sun says
A2 - No man's land
B1 - Fulham court
B2 - Sunday

This was requested a while ago - It's great Mod/punk

(from a pretty much unknown band - yeah right!)

Billy Franks - vocals, guitar & keyboards
Mark Hirons - guitar & backing vocals
Lee Hirons - Bass, guitar & backing vocals
Gusto Jennings - Drums, percussion & backing vocals

well the (not so well kept) secret is

Before the Legendary Luton Kippers,
Billy & Lee were in "Scruff" (a lone 45 on "track records" - get out of my way/rock n roll woman (1978))
Mark was a member of "straight up" (a split 45 on "rok records" - one out all out (1979) - in case you are wondering the other band was "Justin case")
Gusto ?

After the Legendary Luton Kippers,
75% of this band became "the Faith Brothers" (they left Gusto Jennings behind & added a new drummer also an ex "straight up" member)

If you want to hear another great version on "Fulham court" go to the faith brothers myspace page Make sure you checkout the intro/bio video it's pretty informative.

sounds & scans below



  1. superb ep the sun says is the winner thou i had only heard no mans land before so its nice to get the rest of the ep thanks bruce. ps why is nobody posting comments on hear if they have requested the single.come on bruce does not have to do this he could have kept all this unknown music to himself look what we would be missing out on

  2. good point. well made! Dave it's nice to get comments! (but I'm as guilty as everyone else I'll download to listen, then forget where it's from)

  3. 1000 thanks for sharing this rarity Bristolboy.

  4. Had a couple of tracks from this but didn't realise it was a 4-tracker! Solid stuff throughout.

  5. Very nice E.P.

    Thaks a lot for sharing this wonderful rarities...!

  6. These days Billy Franks a solo artist and has released 6 solo albums. For more information go to: http://www.billyfranks.com

  7. Thanks for the link Pete & the tunes you sent me

  8. great blog!could you repost it please?