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Saturday 7 May 2022

Glass Ties - Tight (1982)

b/w Saturday Girls

Another of those 45's were the B-side is way better than the "Expected Hit"

London Based 3 piece Glass Ties were one of EMI's great white hopes for 1982/83
Michael Christer (Voc Guitar) 
Russell Emanuel (Bass Voc) 
Warren Bennett (Keys, Drums) 

Mike  Russell & Warren
With Terry Slater (EMI A&R)

7" Tight / Saturday Girls - EMI 5281 [Mar 1982]
7" You You You / Views (From Other Bridges) - EMI 5368 [Feb 1983]
12" You You You (Dancable Mixture) / You You You (Radio Mixture) / Views (From Other Bridges) 12 EMI 5368

Useless Info   Warren Bennett is the son of The Shadows drummer Brian (who was also the drummer on this classic).