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Saturday 8 September 2018

Twice Shy - Do You Wanna Dance (1980)

b/w - White Boy

Interesting A side but it's the flip that works for me

I can't tell you much about the band except the tracks were penned by M.Burke & J.Davison & the 45 was probably Recorded at the now defunct Rock City Studios [which was located in Shepperton Studio Centre, Surrey, UK]

It was released on the Stan Blackman owned Monarch Records (1979-83) which had a few other interesting 7" releases.

These include
Street BizarreNormal Life/Nervous Exhaustion MON 05 [1979]      
Darryl Read – Living On Borrowed Time/West End Girl MON 16 [1980]   
The Introze Doin' The Lambeth Walk/Kids In Uniform MON 037 [1982]           
Flamingo ExpressHoneymoon In Spain/Eighteen Wheels MON 044 [1983]

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