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Sunday 31 July 2011

Sue Cuss - Teenager In Love (1979)

b/w - Physical Love

2nd 45 from Miss Cuss & like the 1st It's a punky cover version (the 1st was You Really Got Me / Physical Love - I've included it in the download & yes it's the same B-side)

I suspect all 3 tracks were recorded at the same session under the production of Tommy Scott.

According to 45 Revs the recording session was in October '79 but the 1st 45 wasn't out until early '80.

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 30 July 2011

Sirens - It Really Doesn't Matter (1980)

b/w Rock 'N' Roll Disaster

Great New Wave from Mick Dorey (Voc Keyboards)

This is his 2nd of 3, 45's from this era that are worth looking for.

The other 2 are

Mick Dorey & The Sirens - Paranoid Station / Jacqueline Foster - Illegal Records (1979)

Toltex 9 - Coal Fires & semaphores / Desmond Stoat - EMI (1982)

He had help on this 45 from
David Eppel
Hank Young (bass & Falling out of the window)
Paul Hammond (drums)
Ian Hartnell (keyboard & co-credit for writing the A Side)

He has also had the below guitarists helping at time or another
Nick Calvert
Terry Wapram (Guitar)

It Really doesn't Matter was produced By Jean-Jacques Burnel - I guess, making this of interest to Stranglers fans

Useless Fact - Apparently Mick sung backing vocals On Blondie's "Eat To The Beat" LP (not that he's credited on the sleeve)

Mick is still going strong as 1 part of a trio called Kamakura

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Sunday 24 July 2011

Carl Green And The Scene - Record Not Found EP (1978)

A1 - Click Click Camera
A2 - Rodeo Do-Do
B1 - Fantasy Girls Ain't Real
B2 - There's A Lot Of Sophistication Here Tonight

Great new wave / powerpop EP that owes more than a small debt to the 60's from this Stockton/Teesside 4 piece.

Carl Green (voc) ex Night Class
Andy Davis (guitar voc) ex Night Class
Geoff (Jeff on their later 45's) Sawdon (bass, guitar voc)
Mel Davis (drums voc)

For a full discography pop over to Worthless Trash (the 2nd 45 "All The Tea In China" has a weird thing that both sides appear to have different recording labels A on Bentonfun & B on Ginnis bucka. - I don't actually own this so if any kind person out there would like to send scans/mp3's I'd be grateful)

Their next/final 3 releases were on RCA as a result of winning the "Battle of the Bands" - unfortunately record sales don't seem to have been that great so sometime in early '82 the band changed their name to "Rules Of Croquet".
Then (1986/87) Carl Green along with Andy Davis & wife became "Whirlpool Guest House" (other guises after this were "Shandy Wildtyme" /The Close Ups & Head of Light Entertainment.

Here's Carl Green doing what he does so well now

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Wednesday 20 July 2011

Double O's - He's Not There (1984)

b/w Standover

Nice female vocal led, surf / 60's nuggets / ska sounding 45

The "Darlings of the Northern Beaches" Sydney band were

Louise Beckett (voc)
Ian Harding (lead guitar)
Hayden Horne (rhythm guitar) left before this 45 was recorded
Dave Stoneman (bass)
Ronnie Welsh (drums) later, replaced by Scott McRae
Meg Brainsky (keyboards) joined sometime after this 45

This; their 2nd of 3, 45's gives us 2 original tunes: the A side being penned by Harding & Stoneman whilst the B was by Dave Maynard (ex Rhythm guitar - replaced by Hayden) It was produced by Phil Sharrock & engineered by Stuart Peters at Albert Studios, King St, Sydney & was pressed by the EMI Custom Records Plant.

The other 45's were
Music Set Us Free / The Point / Why / Surf' n' Sand - EMI Custom Records (1983)
We Can Overcome/? - ? (1985) - Not so sure this exists as a 45

We Can Overcome was also released on the Compilation Sound Of Sydney Vol 3 before it became a 45

Sounds & scans below


Thanks to Phil Sharrock for helping with the above info

Sunday 17 July 2011

Stepaside - Yellow Chair (1981)

b/w Play The Game

Very good powerpop / pop rock from a Dublin based band that had been going in one form or another since 1971 (& still reform on occasion)

Yellow Chair is a re recorded version of a track that first appeared on their Sidestep / Gale records LP from 1980 (the original recording is also included in the download so you can compare & contrast).
It was one of the last records pressed for the bankrupt Louis Walsh ran Spider Records (allegedly the record was never officially released with the discs being dumped "out the back" of the Dublin Warner Bros offices )

The band on this 45 were
Mick O'Hagan (Voc bass)
Brendan "Brenny" Bonass (guitar)
Niall Power (drums)
Dennis Woods (Keyboards)

However the band on the LP version were
Paul Ashford RIP (voc bass)
Brendan Bonass (guitar voc)
Robbie Brennan (drums voc)
Dave MacAnaney AKA Dave Kodak (Keyboards)
Mark Costigan (guitar) - who is ignored on the LP sleeve but credited with writing some of the songs

Stepaside named themselves after a Dublin Suburb If you want to know more about the band (bio & discography) visit Irishrock.org

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 14 July 2011

Dirty Rust - Gnistrande Snö EP (1981)

A1 - 4 Månader
A2 - Dirty Rust A Reggae
B1 - Squaller
B2 - I Staden

Welcome to my 1st Swedish powerpop post (there are more to come, most being courtesy of Fredrik. who has been bestowing on me the rich wonders of "Alternative Scandinavia")

The four piece were from a small town called Kisa
Anders E Nilsson (voc guitar)
Pelle Håå (guitar voc)
Thomas Saxon (bass voc )
"Rasta Hunter" Carlsson (drums guitar voc)

I can't tell you much about the band except, if you like this ep there also exists video footage of them from a rock contest in 1982 "I Linköping" on which they play 3 songs including "I Staden".
& to carry on my useless info for at least this post
Anders E Nilsson's Sister was Inger Nilsson a child actress famous for being Pippi Longstocking on the 70's tv show/Films.

Sounds & Scans below


Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Attractions - Single Girl (1980)

b/w - Slow Patience

OK, not so rare but definitely overlooked (Why?)
Is it because the boys dared to fly with out Mr Costello I wonder!

Bruce Thomas (bass guitar voc)
Steve "Nieve" Nason (keyboard voc guitar)
Pete Thomas (drums)

produced/engineered by Roger Bechirian

Both sides of the 45 were taken from the LP Mad About The Wrong Boy
Of the 16 tracks on the album, Single Girl & 6 other tracks were penned by Steve (under a pseudonym of Norman Brain) & Faye Hart (his then girlfriend) - 4 as Steve Nieve. The remainder (including Slow Patience) were jointly written By Bruce & Pete Thomas (no relation).

Useless info 1 - Nason received his musical moniker "Nieve" (Naïve) while on the Attractions' first tour for Stiff Records: it was bestowed by fellow tourmate Ian Dury who had been astonished by Nason's innocent query, "What's a groupie?
Useless info 2 - The sleeve was designed by Barney Bubbles - the front being an illustration by himself of little china dogs from his parent’s mantelshelf. Whilst the back echoed the innersleeve of their LP using a trick of highlighting certain letters in the condensed font slogan “FBEAT WHERE THE ATTRACT!ONS IS” to spell out the record company’s west London location: FBeat, Acton (6 Horn Lane W3).

There's the obligatory Myspace if your interested

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 10 July 2011

Coil - Motor Industry (1979)

b/w - Alcoholstark

I believe this Northampton based 4 piece may have listened to a bit of XTC before going into the recording studio (Beck, Wellingborough). - BTW that's a good thing, these 2 tracks are excellent self penned numbers.

The band (who ran from late '78-80 & reconvened in '86 have a site here)
Finbar Lilis (voc)
Phil Dann (guitar)
Tony Harrison (bass)
Steve Curtis (drums)

They have a MySpace & are on Facebook if you want to contact them

There's some more info over at Deadbeats (thanks to the person that left a comment about this post)

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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Diesel - Sound Of The 60's (1984)

b/w - Workin' Man

Nice 45 from the Dutch band that had already given us this (albeit with an almost completely different line up - the band ran from 1978 -85)

Mark Boon (voc guitar)
Jan Loomans (voc guitar)
Hank Hager (voc, guitar)
Wijnard Ott (guitar voc)
Andre Versluijs (bass)
Ronald Oor (drums)

For the recording of "Sound of the 60's" Diesel were really a trio, utilizing André's bass and Ronald's drums with Mark singing & playing all the guitars, there's also a bit of synth in there too. It was recorded at Rosegarden Studio in Utrecht and engineered by Paul Post.
Jan wrote & sang on"Workin' man" which was recorded at the Stable Studio in Arnhem and engineered by Roel Toering.

For information on the band members & a pretty comprehensive history go Here

Sounds & scans below

Sorry No download - I've been asked to remove the link

Sunday 3 July 2011

Thane - Romance Down The Drain (1981)

b/w Transparent Love

Cool slice of New wave for this, the bands 2nd (& final) 45. - The 1st being Traffic Jam / Frankie Boy also on Badge records (I've included a badge discography in the download for those interested)

The London based band were
Paul Thane (Voc)*
Neil Fitch (Guitar voc)
Dave O'Willams (bass voc)
Phil Fortesque Longden (keyboards)*
Steve Cussack (drums)

* both were later in "Fear Of Flying"

Traffic Jam was also on the 101 club various LP "Beyond The Groove"

Sounds & scans below