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Friday, 28 June 2013

Kaleidoscope - Let Me Love You (1980)

b/w - What's On T.V.

Something slightly different for you from this London based label.

The A side is bubblegum / pop that will appeal to the powerpop fans out there (well I like it anyway!) wheras the flip is a fun / lightweight New Wave track.

The nucleus of the band were singer/songwriter's Charles McMiram (owner of the label) and Richard Mathews; who as a duo had already recorded 2 earlier 45's

Penny Black/Sooner Or Later - Miramar MIR 1 1978 as Charles McMiram & Richard Mathews

The Dictator/Snoggin At The Roxy - MIR 69 1979 (reissued Laser LAS-10 1979) as Your Hero

Charles McMiram
Richard Mathews
Coincidentally the Miramar pressing of The Dictator (credited to Your Hero) has Snoggin At The Roxy credited to Kaleidoscope, whilst Let Me Love You & What's On TV are both "Featuring" Your Hero - (was it simply different psuedonyms or were they joined by different session musicians?)

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