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Sunday 15 July 2012

Time off

As Mediafire has finally frozen/suspended my account (It had been on the cards for a while hence why I'd moved to Divshare) I'm going to have some time off. I'll probably be back in the Autumn.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Biz Internationale - Stay True (1982)

 b/w - Just The Thought Of A Love Affair

Last recording from Ronnie Mayor before he absconded to Austailia for a few years**

The band were Poole/Bournemouth based & had a life span of  roughly September 1981 to February 1983. Where upon they became Apres Ski [same band just with a different vocalist (Andy Janek - ex Contacts)]

Ronnie Mayor (Voc Guitar)
Ian Sandy (Bass) ex -Contacts whose 45 "Young Girls" was produced by Ronnie Mayor
Nicky Buckle (Drums)* Also in The Cosmetics with ex-Tours Richard Mazda
Paul Beavis (Percussion)
Bob Harder (Keyboards)
Graham Millman (Trumpet)*
Dave Hutton (Trombone)
Martin Bradford (Saxophone)*
* Can now be found here or here

A Potted History of Ronnie's earlier work
-TOURS  (May 1978- Jan 1980)
Language School / Foreign Girls 7" 05/1979  TOURS (T1) 
Tourist Information / You Know 7" 11/1979   VIRGIN (VS 307) 
Ronnie Mayor (guitars/voc), Steve Jeff (bass), Richard Mazda (guitars/voc), Mark Spiers (drums)
Ronnie Mayor
-DA BIZ  (April 1980 - the band seemed to morph into Biz Internationale gradually)
1st Press - 08/1980 SMALL OPERATIONS (SO 002) 
2nd Press - 09/1980 SIRE (SIR 4050)
Ronnie Mayor (voc/guitar), Ian Sandy (bass/voc), John Hole (lead guitar), Martin Hughes (drums) who replaced Steve Laurie

Can't Wait Till Summer Comes / Holiday Theme 7' 08/1981 DO IT (DUN 15) 
Ronnie Mayor (voc/guitar), Ian Sandy (bass/voc) Others unknown; possibly Nicky Buckle (drums), Bob Harder (keyboards)
Nicky Buckle & Ronnie Mayor

Useless Info -
1- In 1981 Ronnie Mayor put together the compilation "The Apprentices Dance" for the USA label Sounds Interesting which included The Tours/Da Biz & The Contacts. If you want to hear the LP pop over to this newly started blog
2 - Biz Internationale alledgedly supported Tina Turner on some dates of her 1983 Tour
3 - Ronnie (guitar) also backs Surfin Dave on the track Stateside Centre along with
Ian Sandy (bass) and Nicky Buckle (drums).

On Wednesday, May 5th, Ronnie Mayor performed at The Blue Boar in Poole for about an hour, along with friends Conrad Barr and Pete Christie. This gig was probably his first local appearence in twenty years. He performed songs new and old, covers and originals, in a "back to the roots", unplugged style with Conrad on keyboards and Pete on percussion. It was like a breath of fresh air. And to be honest Ronnie didn't look a lot different from the way he looked twenty years ago.

Sounds & Scans

Finally thanks to Bournemouth Beat from where a lot of this info was sourced from