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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Soho Dynamos - Neon Jungle (1981)

b/w Jungle Rumble

To follow on from the last post here is another London based Nick Cola related 45

This time featuring two ex-Tigers members:

Tony Jacks - Voc, Guitar,
Nick Cola [Coler] - Keyboards.

That's pretty much all the info I have apart from they worked together again as ‘Wise Guise’ for some releases in 1984/85 (where Al Price gets a writing credit again)

Useless info

Nick Coler was a prominent member [2000–2010] of the music production team Xenomania,

Sunday 2 February 2020

Bandzai! - Zig-Zag (1983)

b/w Solid Security (Gun For Hire)

Nice Mod Powerpop with a ska backbeat from this 5 peice London based band - For some reason Zig-Zag Reminds me of Graduate (Elvis plays Ska)

I have 4 nanes from the song writing credits

Nick Cola - (Keyboards)
Al Price - (Songwriter not Musician)

7'' Discography
26-03-1982 - Tokyo Nights / East-West - Stingray Records [STZ-1]
??-01- 1983 - Zig-Zag / Solid Security (Gun For Hire) - Slipped Discs ‎[OOPS 11]

[their 1st 45 is a little to synth-pop for my tastes]

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