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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Soho Dynamos - Neon Jungle (1981)

b/w Jungle Rumble

To follow on from the last post here is another London based Nick Cola related 45

This time featuring two ex-Tigers members:

Tony Jacks - Voc, Guitar,
Nick Cola [Coler] - Keyboards.

That's pretty much all the info I have apart from they worked together again as ‘Wise Guise’ for some releases in 1984/85 (where Al Price gets a writing credit again)

Useless info

Nick Coler was a prominent member [2000–2010] of the music production team Xenomania,


  1. 45 Revolutions suggests that Cola/Price was the same person. Makes sense given the conflicting credits on the Wise Guise record in different territories. The double credit on one of the Bandzai singles might be to claim a bigger royalty share (lyrics and music?). Not that there would be much royalties.

    Two posts in the same week, keep them coming!

    1. I'd forgotten to check Marios book, It also says Nicholas Cola [along with soon to be Tigers Drummer Peter Dobson] was in Duffo's backing band.
      check out their Old Grey Whistle Test performance.


  2. Duffo!! OGWT did veer off track now and again. Can't say I lasted the full performance!

    Actually the Cola credit on the Wise Guise is for production rather composer, my mistake! I'm starting think they may not be the same person, though Mario makes the same suggestion in the Tony Jacksun entry.

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