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Sunday 7 April 2019

Josef Garret - Without Sex (1982)

b/w - Pop Star, Pop Star

Two striped back tunes from East London Folk-Punk troubadour Patrik Fitzgerald, his Guitar & a borrowed Revox on this, his 7th 45 release.
The 45, released under a pseudonym was funded by Uber fan Andrew Hoddle who liked the 2 songs, so dug into his own savings & got some copies pressed up with ellie jay records.

NME Press Clipping

The name comes from an almagamation of Patrik's middle name being Joseph & the economist Garret Fitzgerald + poets wrote and lived in garrets.

Patrik F

If you want to know more about Mr Fitzgerald Go here

Useless info - Without Sex had a reworking in 2016 by Russian Dance duo Wolfstream

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