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Saturday 12 March 2022

Access - Audacity EP (1981)

A1 - I To I 
A2 - A Case Of Parricide 
B1 - White Dwarf  
B2 - Miss Constructed

Andrew Tull - Guitar, Voc
Anthony Welton - Bass
Nickolas Clark - Drums, Voc
Adrian Clark - Clarinet, Keys, Voc
Tracey Allwood - Keys, Percussion, Voc

Great D.I.Y. New Wave EP by this Reading Five Piece [1980 -1983]  [Recorded March 29-30 1981]

7'' EP ~ Audacity - Suffer For Their Art Records [STA 001-7] 1981
I To I / A Case Of Parricide // White Dwarf / Miss Constructed

VA ~ Beyond The River - Open Door Records [OD 001] 1982

LP ~ Beef - Suffer For Their Art Records [STA 002-12] 1982
Sweeney Erect / No New Men / Sign Of The Times / Short / Life Could Be A Dream / More - Of The Same / Pyramid / Flight After Freddie Laker // Post Mortem / Dance Of The Carbonaria / The Cruiser / Decisions Decisions / Tear It Down / Shukorra / Terms Of The Contract / Chlorophyll

There's a short early Band Bio in the Download