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Saturday 4 November 2023

Sonic Tonix - Don't Go Away (1980)

b/w Telepathy

Great New Wave tunes from this Oxford University College based band [1980-81]

Dave Goldie (Guitar Voc)
Simon Mawby (Guitar Voc) later in The Woodentops   
John Silver (Bass Voc)
Owen Jones (Drums Voc) later in The Jazz Butcher   

Sleeve Design - Crispin Plaskitt
Producer – Pat Fish
Recorded - Duffys
label - Industrial Accident [SGS-114]

The band then shortened their name to The Tonix [1981-82]
Pat Fish AKA Patrick Huntrods (Vocals) later in The Jazz Butcher
Dave Goldie (Guitar)
Max Eider AKA Pete Millson (Guitar Vocals) later in The Jazz Butcher       
John Silver (Bass) 
Owen Jones (Drums)    

1981 7'' Strangers /Talk To Me - 109 Product [STEG 002]   
1981  Track (Sex Junk) on VA LP – The Wonderful World Of Glass Volume One - Glass Records [GLASS 010]

Useless Info - An earlier band Institution [1978-79] shows Pat & Max's shared history

1979 7'' Jane And Jon/Stephanie - Industrial Accident [SGS-112]

Full line-up of Institution was:
Patrick Huntrods AKA Pat Fish (Vocals) 
Rolo AKA Richard Ian McGinty (Bass)  later in The Innocents / The Upset / The Woodentops
Max Eider AKA Peter Millson (Guitar) 
Rob Wilford (Drums) later in Streets Ahead  
Other original members included Johnathan Stephenson [Synthesizers] and John Duvall on Drums. Both left before the record was cut. 

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