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Saturday 9 January 2021

Northern Lights - Bad Girl (1979)

b/w Exodus

Nice 60's Style Mod Powerpop on the A-side of the sole release from this Manchester [Northern Club Band] 4 Piece [1977-82]

Bob Walsh AKA Robert Barrie (Voc)  
Steve Petricco (Guitar) RIP 
Paul Petricco (Bass)
Eric Patterson (Drums) Replaced by Joe Morris sometime early 1980

The 45 was recorded at Manchester's Smile Studios and released on the MPA imprint [The Stockport label also released the first Slowguns 45 - which is worth looking for if you haven't heard it] 

The Petricco brothers were later in The Spivs 
Steve Petricco

Useless Info   Paul Petricco Started (Amongst others) FAB Cafe, Satans Hollow and TV21 [which hosted ‘Mrs Boon's Cakes & Tea Party’ with Clint Boon of Inspiral Carpets]