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Saturday 5 September 2020

The Social Lites - Social Lies (1984)

A1 I'd Rather Be Lonely     
A2 Cadillac Crazy     
A3 It's Not Enough     
B1 Big Business     
B2 Girls

Cool New Wave from this Seattle WA Band 

Mark Clear (Voc Guitar)      
Joan M. (Bass Voc)
Steve Phun Hadley (Drums)

I couldn't find any info on the band but both Mark & Laurie have an internet presence. Here's a snippet from Laurie Lyons bio:

..... She got her first guitar at age 13. At 16, Laurie Lyons began her musical career as a backing singer with an Elvis tribute band where she discovered her gift for creating unusual and highly melodic harmony lines. She then joined a new wave punk group called 'The Plague' as a singer/ songwriter and rhythm guitarist.
Developing this direction, Laurie achieved considerable success with her new wave pop/rock band, 'The Social Lites.' Their 1982 EP entitled 'Social Lies' picked up heavy rotation radio airplay in Seattle and on American college radio. Prestigious gigs included the Seattle Music Festival, 'Bumbershoot' and "Give Peace A Dance"....
Mark C, Joan M., LA Lyons, Steve P
Mark C, Joan M., LA Lyons, Steve H

Useless Info - You'll notice Laurie puts the release date of the EP at 1982, This may be correct as there is no date on the record just on the inside of the sleeve. 

There are some more unreleased tracks by the band here

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