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Thursday 14 August 2014

The Prams - A's Okay (1981)

b/w - Don't Drop Any Bombs On Me

2 Great skinny tie New Wave tracks from this Salisbury Band.

Alwyn Lovell (Voc Guitar)
Eddie Johnson (Guitar)
Rob Boston (Bass)
Nick Boston (Drums)

Not a bad 45 for a band that started life as Genghis Khan (1975-79) playing Hard Rock / NWOBHM tunes.

Here's a potted history of the band members
Voc:   Alan Marsh ( '75-'79) replaced by; John Butcher* ('79)
Guitar:    Alwyn "Coke" Lovell* ( '75-'79)
Guitar:  Eddie Johnson ('75-'77) replaced by; Ray Dismore ('77) Ian Frost ('77- 02/79) Jimmy McTurk (79) Dave Irwin (briefly leaving Fist '79)
Bass:  Rob Boston* ( '75-'79)
Drums:   Trevor Harris ('75-'77) replaced by; Tommy Mafflyn ('77- 02/79) Billy Morrison ('79) Dave Pounds* ('79)

*Musicians that Recorded "Love You/Lady Lady - Wabbit Records [WAB 61]// Mongol Nation/Gone For A Drive" Wabbit Records [WAB 63] posthumously released as a Double 7" in 1983.

There was then a cross-over of a few months where a short lived band "The Ghosts" came into existance leading to the end of both bands
(John Butcher (Voc) / Alwyn Lovell (Guitar) / Rob Boston (Bass) / Mike Corby (Keys) (Ex The Babys)

Now the Prams (1980-83) came into existence leaving behind them:
A's Okay/Don't Drop Any Bombs On Me (Wabbit WWS 102S -1981)
How About Emee?/Cat That Walked Alone (Wabbit WAB 7 -1983)
A- A's Okay/Perpetual Suburbs/Hypocrite/Exploded/I'm Going Crazy/Don't Make A Fuss
B- Don't Drop Any Bombs On Me/Mongolia/The Sun The Sun/Mirror Mirror/Do The Pram/Twilight Hours (Wabbit Wecords WWL 101A 1981)(released on cassette in 1982 - Wabbit WAB 101c)
Compilation Appearance on WABBIT UNDERWORLD  (Cassette) (Wabbit WAB 200c)

Eddie Johnson - Nick Boston 1980
  Other recordings on the bands own Wabbit Records that I am aware of are
Richard Patrician (?) c1981
The Fluffy Vikings (Cassete LP) EPISODE ONE (Wabbit WAB 40c - 1982)
Werewolves Of London (Cassette Single) - Nocturne A / Nocturne B (Wabbit WAB 50c - 1982) & they also appeared on  WABBIT UNDERWORLD (Cassette) (Wabbit WAB 200c)

Half way through the Self-Recording of the LP Eddie Johnson Left
Coincidently whilst the Prams where in existance (Sometimes still being booked as Genghis Khan) 2 other bands started using the Name Genghis Khan - 1 From Sweden & Another Salisbury band (Originally called Killer - Formed By Andy Boulton (Guitar) & Andy Robbins (Bass) with Alan Marsh (Voc), Ray Dismore (Guitar) [yup them from the other GK] & Steve Pierce (Drums) who released Double Dealin' (4 Track EP Double 7") under the name Genghis Khan before repackaging the double pack as 2 seperate 45's under their new name Tokyo Blade.

Sounds & Scans

Thanks to Endless Beat (Voices Of The New Sarum Beat 1970-99)