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Thursday 6 February 2014

Le Fracàs - Quelle Joie D'etre Riche (1983)

A1 - Quelle Joie D'être Riche
A2 - De Coeur En Coeur
B1 - Quelque Chose En Moi
B2 - L'heure De La Revanche

As the posts have been a little Anglo-centric lately I thought it time to leave our fair Isles and pop over the Channel to France - (Orange, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur to be precise.)

Here's some great Mod Pop from

Marcel Eychenne (Voc, Guitar)
B. Eychenne (Voc, Bass)
P. Barbero (Drums)

Unfortunately I can't tell you much about the band. From what I've been able to peice together from the scant info on the net, this incarnation seem to have been around from 1981 - 84.
There was an earlier formation (1978 - 81) Marc Damien  (Guitar), Alain Fabien (Guitar)‏,  Marcel Eychenne (Guitar), Denis Eyraus (Bass), Pierre Viaud (Drums)
who had a track‏ (Nous En Avons Marre - also in the D/L) on the Various Artists LP  125 grammes de 33 1/3 tours & later the track was included on the Killed by Death 007 compilation.

If anyone knows any better please leave a comment

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