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Saturday 9 September 2017

The Little Roosters - She Cat Sister Floozie (1979)

b/w - Roostering With Intent

The Little Roosters (1978-83) featured the following musicians:.. ..

~Garrie Lammin (Guitar & Vocals 79-83) Ex Cock Sparrer
~John Hunt (Bass 79) Ex -The Stewardz
~Graeme Potter (Drums 79-80) Ex -The Stewardz left to join Glen Matlock in the Spectres
~Gary Eve (Keys 79-83)
Steve Bruce (Drums 80-82)  Ex Cock Sparrer
Steve Burgess (Bass 80-82)  Ex Cock Sparrer 
Alison Moyet (Vocals 80-82) Ex The Vandals/The Vicars
Barrie Mizen (Guitar 81-83)

Garry And The Roosters (1984-86)
Garrie J. Lammin (Vocals, Guitar), Glen Sommerville (Guitar, Violin, Mandolin), Peter Gunn (Guitar, Vocals), Micky Owens (Guitar), Ben Donnelly (Bass), Seamus Beaghen (Hammond)

L-R Gary L, Graeme P, Gary E, John H
The Little Roosters were formed late '78 by Gary Lammin, shortly after the break-up of his first group, Cock Sparrer. They rehearsed around Romford and Hornchurch for a few months before making their live debut at the legendary Bridge House Pub, Canning Town in Feb'79. Early devotees on the original Mod '79 scene championed them due to their 60’s style garage/guitar based R&B + Gary’s cheeky cockney charm was very reminiscent of the Small Faces' Steve Marriott.
After reports that "Going Round "was to be their debut 45, the bands first single ‘She Cat Sister Floozie’ came out in Nov 79 [Record of the week by Radio 1’s Mike Read] Sales were poor; by the end of the year John Hunt had been replaced By Steve Burgess & by early '80 Graeme Potter had left to join The Spectres leaving the drum stool for Steve Bruce to fill. In March the band released their second 45, a cover of the Otis Redding classic ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is’ [Again record of the week by Mike Read] It was sometime after this 45 that Gary Eve introduced Alison Moyet to Garrie Lammin (apparently so enamored with her voice that he planned at some point not to just have her as a guest vocalist but to have her take over the lead vocal). Basildon Girl, Alison toured all over Britain and Europe with the Roosters, it was actually while she was on stage with the Roosters (At The Bridgehouse) that Vince Clarke saw her and approached her to join a project he was putting together called Yazoo.
Their 3rd 45 [I Need A Witness] & debut album were Produced by Clash front man Joe Strummer [he also played piano for the sessions] This saw them get a TV appearance on‘Get It Together’ an early evening pop show at the time. Their 4th 45 [People Break Down] & the LP were France only releases possibly signing the death knoll for this line up as Bruce & Burgess left to reform Cock Sparrer leaving the others to carry on until sometime in '83.
Another change in style came in '85, with the album Shake It Down, released under the name Garrie And The Roosters, featuring performances from members of The Inmates and Big Heat along with drumming and production credits going to Jon 'Eddie' Edwards from The Vibrators. In '86 Gary decided to quit the music career & focus on his acting career. earning big screen action parts in The Informant, The Calcium Kid and Riff Raff along with numerous roles on TV including parts in Eastenders, and Auf Wiedersen Pet.
 NME - 25-08-79
Since the turn of the millennium, Lammin has become more focussed on music again, with The Zen Buddah Boot Boys and The Bermondsey Joyriders being his latest projects, seeing him work with Producer Dave Goodman and Martin Stacy of Chelsea.

She Cat Sister Floozie/Roostering With Intent - Pye [Nov 79]
That's How Strong My Love Is/Suspicious - Ami [March 80]
I Need A Witness/The Age Of Reason - Ami [Oct 80]
People Break Down/Ain't Proud - Polydor France [81]
The Little Roosters - Polydor France [81] - Recorded @ London’s Pye (Rockstar) Sudios in 1980
People Break Down/I Need A Witness/Ain't Proud/She's So Strange/I Have A Dream//Hot Black And Sweet/Pity For You/Disease/(Meet Me With Your) Poison/Uhura/Bad Bob
Roostering With Intent [Taped Late '79 on VA - London R&B Sessions]

Useless Info 1 Instead of being paid cash for his production services, The Roosters’ manager arranged for Strummer to receive extensive dental work.

Useless Info 2 In April 1986 The Little Rooters were part of "The County Line" [Essex artists for BBC children in need]

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