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Saturday 4 March 2023

Scarlet Downs - Windows (1983)

b/w - Turning Around

Post-Punk /Indie Band from Sherborne Dorset starting off life as "Exit" (1981-83)

Nick Ayling (Bass, Voc)
Simon Barber (Drums Voc)  ex  The Wait / The Act / Burning Garden    
Mark Barber (Lead Voc, Guitar, Trumpet)   
Martin Beresford AKA Bastie (Saxophone)

Recorded at Spacewood Studios Cambridge 

Pre 45 Players
Bass - Adrian Leppard then Brendan (Sacked for being a prat just prior to the recording of the 45)  
Drums - Nick Manley then Ian Davis
Post 45 Players
Bass - Mathew Cornish (then Nick Ayling again)
Drums - Martin Herring (with Simon Barber taking over lead Vocal duties)
Saxophone - Dobson

1982  Cassette VA - What's Goin' On? [RAPP Records RAPP 12345] Scarlet Downs/ Kickin' The Bench/ Tell Me/ Kama 
1983 7" - Windows/ Turning Around [Rum Records RUM 059]
1984 Cassette VA - A Taste Of Rum [Rum Records RUM 002] You'll Never/ Rum Rap/Scarlet Rap

Simon Barber & Mark Barber are probably best known for being in the Yeovil band The Chesterfields (1984-89)

Useless info - Together with Alan Flint, Simon was responsible for the Excellent ‘Feeding The Fish’ Fanzine