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Friday 2 October 2020

Twist 'N' Shout - Bounce Back (1979)

b/w  As It Happens

Cool Powerpop on the Sole 45 from this Worthing 3 piece (1978 - 1981)

John Cohen (Voc Guitar)
Alfred Armstrong (Bass) 
Linda Doe (Drums Voc)

When Worthing band (1975-78) "Better Looking" [Members - Peter Juster, John Cohen, Graham Skinner, Kim O'Mahoney, Brian Morris, Steve Rose & Linda Doe] folded 2 bands were to emerge:

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The Same (Steve Rose, Peter Juster, Brian Morris & Tony Denyer) & Twist N Shout

John Cohen (Voc,Guitar) & Alfred Armstrong (Bass) would later re-join Tony Denyer (Drums) & Peter Juster (Alto Sax) along with Greg Davis (Tenor Sax) as The Hot Heads

Useless info 1 Linda Doe later Married Brian Morris

Useless info 2 This release was WEX268 & The Same's sole 7'' release (Movements/Wild About You) was WEX267

Useless info 3 Their Full time jobs at the time were  John Cohen (Assistant Manager of Worthing Record Shop), Linda Doe (Secretary) & Alfred Armstrong (Computer Operator for an Insurance Firm)

This is not the same band even though the labels are from the Portsmouth area.

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