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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Twist and shout - Twist and shout (1983)

b/w - No other girl

Yes this is a cover of the Isley Brothers classic but the B-side (the better track anyway!) seems to be an original.

It's credited to Lundquist & it looks like it could be Marc (?) that's signed the sleeve (as well as Graham giving all his love to someone!)

Whatever it's a really pleasant 60's sounding slice of Mod/powerpop, that deserves a second chance to reach some ears.

The Private Toucan records (TOU 010) has a Lyn cat # of - 13344 - IUT if anyone cares!

sounds & scans below



  1. Probably related to Toucan Studio, Hayling Island. Their other 7" was on the Wessex label I think.. so from Hampshire..maybe Portsmouth?

    1. Thanks for the info

      I Don't think it's the same band as The "Bounce Back" 45 - The names on the Wessex label 45 are JOHN COHEN: GUITAR/VOCALS, LINDA: DRUMS VOCALS, ALFRED: BASS,

      This band appear to be Graham Ashman (Guitar Voc), Marc Lundquist (Guitar, Voc, Keys, Bass) & possibly Hazel Johannson (Backing Voc) who had an earlier LP under the name BUS STOP


  2. I never had the "Bounce Back" 7" so had presumed they were the same band..clearly not. For what it's worth I picked up this one up at a car boot(fully autographed aswell.. they were clearly a hit on the pub'n'club circuit) and it was amongst some other local Southampton, and Portsmouth bands 7"s..which made me think of the Toucan connection, but that was just a guess.