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Friday, 3 September 2010

The Starlings - New Blood ep (1982)

A1 - Plastic Cards
A2 - Birds of a feather
B1 - Don't call us
B2 - There must be more

Here's an EP that will make you "stand up & listen" if you like the Mod/punk sound (my personal fav is "Don't call us" which if you look at the dead wax has A scratched out & B in it's place so maybe it was due to be the leading track - sort of garage/freakbeat sound to it)

There is no date on the record but if I'm correct in reading my Lyn cat #'s this is 1982

Updated 03.01.11

I've now seen a b/w sleeve, that states the running order for the ep was Don't Call Us / Plastic Cards / Birds Of A Feather / There Must Be More.

The Band were also a trio of brothers originally from Southend-On-Sea who moved to the Midlands because "you couldn't get cheese pies in the South" or to be more central for giging - You chose!

Lee Rayner (Guitar voc)
Jon Rayner (Bass voc)
Nick Rayner (Drums voc)

The record was also recorded at "Sound Sense Studios" by Pete Fisher & distributed by Staffod based Neon Records Ltd

sounds & scans below


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