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Friday 4 April 2014

Tacones - Cronicas Del Bromuro (1980)

b/w - Rita

1st 45 (released March 1980) from this Madrid based "60's Mod / Powerpop" band (1979 - 1982)

Alberto Larios Lopez - (Voc Rhythm Guitar) 
Ramiro Martínez-Quintanilla - (Guitar)
Fernando Maqueda - (Bass, Keyboards)
Carlos Maqueda - (Drums)

"Cronicas Del Bromuro" was recorded by Tacones ("Heels" in English) for the 1980 film of the same name directed by Juan José Porto. They also appeared in the film as the band Taxi performing a cover of "meyer"  
Still From Cronicas Del Bromuro
(If you're interested here's a qiuck precis of the film - It's set around Easter 1966 & is a Teen Comedy revloving aound the story line of students in a religious institution being fed Bromide to quell their libidos by over zealous priests)


Cronicas del Bromuro / Rita - Chapa 1980
Difícil / Rita se Hizo de Oro - Chapa 1981
Requiem Final / Locuras para Fans - Serdisco 1981
Te Mintió / Clin Clin - Zafiro 1982

Requiem Final - Zafiro 1981

Later - In 1986 Alberto Larios Lopez was in El Beso Negro with ex- members of Punk band La Broma de Ssatán   (Nice Hair)

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