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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Fender Twinns - Standin' In The Way Of Love (1982)

b/w - Heart Of The Matter

Great New Wave / Powerpop from this Lancaster, PA band 1982 - 86 (Heart Of The Matter being my pick of the two)

Jeff Coleman - Guitar, Voc
Bill Nork - Guitar, Piano, Voc
Tom Jewlett - Drums
John Kelly - Harmonies

Prior to The Fender Twinns Jeff was in the local Punk Band The Blame [Line- up being Glenn Redcay- Bass/Voc Guy Debris- Guitar Jeff Coleman- Guitar/keys/Voc  
Steve Patton- Drums ('79-'80) Blair King- Drums/vocals ('80-'81) For More info on them Go Here]
If you want to hear their 45  Elevator/Little Girls in Hollywood - Atlantic Sound Productions (1980) It's in the Download

Post Fender Twinns  - Jeff is the Owner/Operator of the Steam Powered Recording Studios

I'm not sure if there were any more 45's but there was a 1984 LP Polarity

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