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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Semáforo - Hoje há Rock no Liceu (1982)

b/w - Quotidiano

Carlos Santos (Voc Guitar)
Tó Zé Salomão (Guitar Voc)
Manuel d'Albuquerque Neto (Guitar Voc)
? (Drums)

Produced by Julius Isidro and the Helena Cardinali

Formed in 1979 This Amadora (Portugal) band started life as FM before changing their name to Semáforo (Semaphore or Traffic lights) Possibly so they could participate in music competitions & get Radio Airtime on "Febre de sábado de manhã" (Saturday Fever In The Morning)

Useless Info 1 - Hoje há rock no liceu  translates as  "Rocking The Highschool Today" & Quotidiano as "Everyday"

Useless Info 2 - Aparently the Studio they recorded this 45 in was still under construction at the time.

Bands these players later played with include - Pajem, STS Paranoid, Doutores & Engenheiros, Dr. Salazar, Mr. Blues

Thanks to Rocknoliceu where alot of this info comes from

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