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Saturday 7 May 2016

In The Gym - Playing The Fool (1981)

b/w - Don't Go Slow

Excellent Mod /Powerpop from this Stourport-On Severn area 4 piece (1979-82)

Bob Willimot (Voc)
Jon Bridger (Guitar)
Malcolm Green (Bass)
Lynton Carrier (Drums) 

The Ex-Stourport High School band's roots begin in 1977 with Malc Green at a fundraiser gig (Cookley Village Hall). Due to a lack of musicians, two band's (Dick Sores And The Masticators & Liquid Lil And The Lilettes) became one (Dead Ringer & The Clones (1977-80) Original Line-up: Shaun "Liquid Lil" Lewis [Voc], Mike "Swoff" Smith [Guitar], Nick Townley [Guitar], Jon Bridger [Guitar], Malcolm Green [Bass], Chris Bridger [Drums], Nev Farmer [Keys, Voc])
Lynton- Jon- Malc- Bob
In Late '79 "In the Gym" came to fruition after flirting with various line-up & name (Bloody Well Right & Streets Ahead) changes 
The 45 was recorded at The Old Smithy Studios, Kempsey, Worcester under the watchful eye of "Muff" - who couldn't even be bothered to "mike-up" the cymbals. (Coincidentally these are the same studios that Bimingham's Dangerous Girls had earlier recorded their Taaga 7" EP)

Both sides of this 45 are also available on the Compilation LP's:-
Lime Wave - The Best Of British Wave Vol.1 - Woolfie Recs (WR9006) 1981
Bored Teenagers Vol.7 - Bin Liner Recs (RubbishLP013) 2014

Bands; Past & Present
Bob Willimot  - Raw Material / Streets Ahead / Planet Bob & The Satellites / The Bob Willmot Experience / Bob's Last Band / Sweet Fanny Adams
Jon Bridger - Dead Ringer & The Clones / Bloody Well Right / Streets Ahead / The Limit / The Beastly Boys / Frendz / Bob's Last Band / Ballroom Glitz / Doctor's Orders / Grumpy Old Guitarists
Malcolm Green - Dick Sores And The Masticators / Dead Ringer & The Clones / Deja Vu / Nun The Weiser / The Mutz Nutz
Lynton Carrier - Bloody Well Right / Streets Ahead / Dead Ringer & The Clones / PDR / Bob's Last Band / Ballroom Glitz

TAAGA Discography
In The Gym - Playing The Fool/Don't Go Slow - TAG2 (1981)
The Everreaddys - Don't Do It Again/Martian Girl - TAG3 (1980)

Useless info - "In The Gym" is derived from Don McClean's "American Pie" - ...Coz I saw You Dancing In The Gym...
Real Useless info - TAAGA stands for "Tight As A Gnat's Arse" 

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