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Sunday 4 December 2016

The Bore-Town Bop - Try (1981)

b/w Surf's Up!

2 great XTC type tunes on the sole release, from this Reading based 4 peice.

Colin Williams (Voc, Guitar)
Gary Murgatroyd (Bass)*
Simon Price (Drums)
Philip Tennant (Keys)*

With the aid of (amongst others) Martin Maynard who was the director of Audiogenic Limited (1979-81) [AKA Sun 8 Track Recording studios]

They later became "The Early Stuff" (The name apparently being a pun on the "Erleigh Rd" area in Reading)

The 45 did procure a few plays by John Peel on his show & got a pithy review from Charlie Gillett in the Singles Pages of  Smash Hits (20 08 1981)

* I'm not entirely sure this info is correct

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Friday 4 November 2016

Pop-Tones - Wooden Heart (1980)

b/w (Rise Of The) Appliances

Nice Punk/Powerpop from this Dewsbury, West Yorkshire based Duo (1980-81)

Paul Metcalf, AKA Slick Vinex, AKA Victor Vendetta, AKA Paul Klein (Voc, Guitar, Keys)
Mick "MJ" Reed (Drums)

Prior to Pop-Tones they had been 1/2 of New Wave band Psykik Volts (1978-80). The other 2 being Nathan Teen AKA Norman Hormone (Rhythm Guitar) & Russ McDonald (Bass).
After releasing a 45 in 1979 (Totally Useless/Horror Stories #5 - Ellie Jay Records EJSP 9262) Psykik Volts signed to Graduate records & recorded 4 songs (2 of which were different versions of this 45) These were not available until the 2007 CD  Psykik Volts – Re-Volting 

In 1980 Victor Vendetta & MJ signed to Rockburgh Records, became Pop-Tones (After the P.I.L track) & released the re-recorded tracks Wooden Heart / (Rise Of The) Appliances as a 45 on Square records.

In '81 Paul joined Philip Walsh as Toy Shop (Synth Pop duo) releasing The Maze / Live Wires Kill - Clockface Records CLOCK 1 & Mick joined 1919

Square Records (A subsidary of Rockburgh?) had 5 7" Releases

SQS 1 - Viva - Radio Saviour/ Mr Mystery ....01/80 
SQS 2 - Horsepower - Outrageous!/ Highway Robbery....
SQS 3 - Aerial FX - So Hard/ It's About Time ...  12/12/80
SQS 4 - Pop-Tones - Wooden Heart/(Rise Of The) Appliances ... 19/12/80
SQS 5 - Airkraft - Move In Rhythm/ Pumping Iron  ...20/02/81 

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Saturday 8 October 2016

Motifs - On The Inside (1982)

b/w - Shadow Of Fear

Nice Psychedelic Mod / Post-Punk sounds from this Southampton band

Trevor Clawson (Voc, Guitar) 
Andy Martin (Guitar, Voc)
Rob Aubrey (Bass, Voc, Keys)
Anthony Haikney (Drums)

Recorded Feb/March 1982 at Toucan Studios Based at Finchwood Farm, Hayling Island, Hampshire 

I'm pretty sure apart from this, their sole 45 release, the only other available recordings are "Julie" & "Disillusion" both on the earlier (Nov 1980) VA Compilation "City Walls" (with a slightly different line-up). Then a later track "Cameras" (July 1982) on the VA Compilation "Synthetic Romance".

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Wednesday 7 September 2016

Semáforo - Hoje há Rock no Liceu (1982)

b/w - Quotidiano

Carlos Santos (Voc Guitar)
Tó Zé Salomão (Guitar Voc)
Manuel d'Albuquerque Neto (Guitar Voc)
? (Drums)

Produced by Julius Isidro and the Helena Cardinali

Formed in 1979 This Amadora (Portugal) band started life as FM before changing their name to Semáforo (Semaphore or Traffic lights) Possibly so they could participate in music competitions & get Radio Airtime on "Febre de sábado de manhã" (Saturday Fever In The Morning)

Useless Info 1 - Hoje há rock no liceu  translates as  "Rocking The Highschool Today" & Quotidiano as "Everyday"

Useless Info 2 - Aparently the Studio they recorded this 45 in was still under construction at the time.

Bands these players later played with include - Pajem, STS Paranoid, Doutores & Engenheiros, Dr. Salazar, Mr. Blues

Thanks to Rocknoliceu where alot of this info comes from

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If anyone can add to this please leave a comment

Monday 8 August 2016

Vog - In The Crowd (1981)

b/w Didn't I

In 1978 USA (New York) Pop/Rock Band The Debs (Annie Kaye & Rennie G) Released a European 45 (Cupie Dolls/ Oh Woman - A&M Records).
The 45 was written by their then management of Mark Blatte & Larry Gottlieb. Unhappy with the way their career was going they teamed up with Richard Lampese & in late 1978 became Vog (along with Jimmy Chahalis & Robert Lopiccolo )

However, by the time they had put their recordings down on tape Lampese had left to be replaced by Bobby DiMonte

Ony Kaye (AKA Annie Kuskowski) - (Lead Voc)
Bobby DiMonte - (Guitar) 
Rennie Xosa (AKA Rennie G) - (Bass)
Jimmy Chahalis (AKA Jimmy Johallis) - (Drums)
Robert Lopiccolo - (Keys)

7" In the Crowd / Didn't I (France [Sirocco] / Germany [RCA]) 1981  
7" Playmate (Compañero De Juegos) / Pushin´ Me Over The Line (Spain [Zafiro]) 1981

LP Vog (Spain [Zafiro] / Germany [RCA]) 1981
In The Crowd / Step Ahead / Didn't I / One More Time / Keep It Up // Playmate / St. Mark's Twist / Pushin' Me Over The Line / Computer #'s / Don't Wanna Hear It

Useless Info -  Ony was also a backing singer for Ellen Shipley on her Ellen Shipley (1979) & Breaking through the Ice Age (1980) LP's.

Where Are They Now  - Kuskowski became a Doctor, Rennie G a Photographer, Lopicocolo a School Teacher & Chahalis a Drum Teacher.

Finally - They filmed this video for Platmate at the "Corner Pocket Billiards" on Northern blvd situated above Borderline Towing. NJ

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Sunday 3 July 2016

20th Century - Mad World (1982)

b/w Show A Little Of My Love

Great New Wave / D.I.Y. on the 2nd 45 release from this Cambridge University Student Band

Richard Bryant (Voc)(1981-82)
Matthew Lefroy (Guitar)(1981-84)
Neil Walker (Bass)(1981-82)
Simon Matthews (Drums)(1979-82)
Glenn Vinnicombe (Keys)(1981-84)

Mark Howell (Sound Desk and Road Crew)(1981-83)

20th Century were more of a collective, having their beginnings sometime in the 1950's producing a number of touring folk and rock groups, a recording company "Reflection" and a number of solo artists and composers.

A Folk Passion LP - Reflection Records (RL305) 1972 
Stand Up & Be Counted / He Is The One - Very Nice Records (NICE 1) 1980
Mad World / Show A Little Of My Love - V.N.R (NICE 2) 1982

As I'm not really interested in the folk/prog side of it, I'll just give you the band members from 1979-82.

Players on "Stand Up & Be Couted"
Mark Allchorn (Voc)(1978-80), Tony Simons (Guitar)(1977-80), Dermot Boyle (Guitar)(1979-80), Mark Hammond (Bass)(1978-81), Simon Matthews (Drums)(1979-82), Graham Gill (Keys)(1979-81)

If you want to read more (I urge you too) visit their Website

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Wednesday 8 June 2016

The Units - Baby You Flirt (1980)

b/w - Grill Room

Recorded at Reel Recorders, Adelaide, South Australia. September 1980.

Adelaide Powerpop/New Wave band (1979-81) that rose from the ashes of East Suburbia (1976-78)  Jack(Gtr/Voc), Ken(Gtr/Voc), Claudio(Gtr), Richard(Bass), John(Drums).

Al Shean (Allan Robins aka Jack Robins) (Guitar Voc) Ex Jaggels
Cloudy Dae (Claudio Katern) (Guitar) Bass for pre Units band "Back Street" later Bassist in Screaming Believers (1985-88)
Lucky Stiff (Mark Cornwall) (Bass Voc 1980-81) Ex Fine Cuts
Vince Gritoli (John Gazzola)  (Drums) later in Bloodloss (1982)
(Additional Voc) Ken Sykes (Guitar Voc) Ex Jaggels pre The Shreds (1980-81), Screaming Believers (1981-88,1991-2)
Richard Opolski (Bass 1979) left to join The Shreds

Doron Kipen (Engineer, Producer)

Useless info 1 - Grill Room Is about a story told to Jack regarding the "Boys in Blue" and their often grey area of handling people in their ‘care’.

Useless info 2 - Grill Room also appears on the Sydney Radio 2UW - VA LP "Homegrown" (11072UW YPRX2020 - Recorded Sept 1982) "Compiled from Demo tapes of undiscovered Bands to look out for in '83" Recorded by a band called Watfo Zymol & The Simpletons - [Anyone know if they became Zygon? who are linked to a 1985 version of The Units -Tony Gow (Bass), Garry Meaklin (Guitar), Mick Rafferty (Voc)]

As well as releasing this excellent 45; Acheivements also include touring Sydney with The Innocents in 1981 & being briefly joined by Giles Barrow (Exploding White Mice) before they imploded in '81.

Finally here's a You Tube clip of The Screaming Believers Live in 1982 covering "Baby You Flirt"

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Saturday 7 May 2016

In The Gym - Playing The Fool (1981)

b/w - Don't Go Slow

Excellent Mod /Powerpop from this Stourport-On Severn area 4 piece (1979-82)

Bob Willimot (Voc)
Jon Bridger (Guitar)
Malcolm Green (Bass)
Lynton Carrier (Drums) 

The Ex-Stourport High School band's roots begin in 1977 with Malc Green at a fundraiser gig (Cookley Village Hall). Due to a lack of musicians, two band's (Dick Sores And The Masticators & Liquid Lil And The Lilettes) became one (Dead Ringer & The Clones (1977-80) Original Line-up: Shaun "Liquid Lil" Lewis [Voc], Mike "Swoff" Smith [Guitar], Nick Townley [Guitar], Jon Bridger [Guitar], Malcolm Green [Bass], Chris Bridger [Drums], Nev Farmer [Keys, Voc])
Lynton- Jon- Malc- Bob
In Late '79 "In the Gym" came to fruition after flirting with various line-up & name (Bloody Well Right & Streets Ahead) changes 
The 45 was recorded at The Old Smithy Studios, Kempsey, Worcester under the watchful eye of "Muff" - who couldn't even be bothered to "mike-up" the cymbals. (Coincidentally these are the same studios that Bimingham's Dangerous Girls had earlier recorded their Taaga 7" EP)

Both sides of this 45 are also available on the Compilation LP's:-
Lime Wave - The Best Of British Wave Vol.1 - Woolfie Recs (WR9006) 1981
Bored Teenagers Vol.7 - Bin Liner Recs (RubbishLP013) 2014

Bands; Past & Present
Bob Willimot  - Raw Material / Streets Ahead / Planet Bob & The Satellites / The Bob Willmot Experience / Bob's Last Band / Sweet Fanny Adams
Jon Bridger - Dead Ringer & The Clones / Bloody Well Right / Streets Ahead / The Limit / The Beastly Boys / Frendz / Bob's Last Band / Ballroom Glitz / Doctor's Orders / Grumpy Old Guitarists
Malcolm Green - Dick Sores And The Masticators / Dead Ringer & The Clones / Deja Vu / Nun The Weiser / The Mutz Nutz
Lynton Carrier - Bloody Well Right / Streets Ahead / Dead Ringer & The Clones / PDR / Bob's Last Band / Ballroom Glitz

TAAGA Discography
In The Gym - Playing The Fool/Don't Go Slow - TAG2 (1981)
The Everreaddys - Don't Do It Again/Martian Girl - TAG3 (1980)

Useless info - "In The Gym" is derived from Don McClean's "American Pie" - ...Coz I saw You Dancing In The Gym...
Real Useless info - TAAGA stands for "Tight As A Gnat's Arse" 

More Info Here

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Saturday 2 April 2016

Stiletto - Someone Like You (1980)

b/w - Secret World

Cool Female Voc New Wave/Powerpop from this Newcastle Band (1979-82)

Brenda "Bren" Laidler (Voc) Ex Hooker
Steve Daggett (Guitar, Keys, Voc) Ex Spicy, Falcon, Kip, Raw Spirit, Electrix, Avalon
Paul Dean (Guitar)
Derek "Del" Nattrass (Bass) Ex Eastside Torpedoes
Alan "Dik" Dixon (Drums) RIP Ex Arbre, Hedgehog Pie
Phil Armstrong (Guitar, Voc) Ex Oasis & The Flakes - Joined betwen the release of their 2 45's. After the demise of the band he played keyboard/guitar for another local New Wave Female singer-fronted group "Erogenous Zones"

Stiletto began life in July '79 as a vessel for Steve & Bren to work the North East club and cabaret circuit (Their first gig being Sept '79) By Jan '80 the other members of the band had quit or been replaced. A live reveiew in Weekly newspaper Sounds got them some A&R interest and February saw them enter the recording studio. By late spring they had declined an offer of management by Barry McKay (Lindisfarne's manager) & were signed to Phonogram's Mercury label.
Someone like you was released in September making Mike Read’s "Record Of The Week" on Radio One which led to them recording a "Radio One Evening Session" for him. The band then undertook an extensive tour of Britain and Germany. Unfortunalely whilst in Germany there were boardroom changes at the top of Phonogram which spelt disaster for them as they were dropped.
With only Steve & Bren still dedicated to the band a new line up was mustered which included, old friend Phil Armstrong. A new recording deal was made with Wonderful, a small independent label which led to the release of their 2nd 45 Video. There was a promo video made, (directoral debut for Geoff Wonfor) plus a live National TV appearance on The Oxford Road Show and a BBC2 Forty Minutes documentary - Things were looking good until they realized that the distributors had neglected to put the record in the shops!  So without a manager or label the band bowed out on their home ground with a gig at Newcastle's Mayfair Ballroom.

Someone Like You/Secret World - Mercury Records (September 1980)
Video/Pin-Up - Wonderful Records (August 1981)

Steve & Bren 1982
Extra info
From '82 -'84 Steve & Bren worked as a synth-pop duo (later stretching to a 6 peice with 2 drummers) IT Hz (It Hurts)

Wanna see Bren miming badly with Slade on kiddies TV? go here 

For more info and to find out what Steve Daggett is doing now go here

Steve, Phil, Derek along with keyboard player Bob Plimer played together in Heads Held High

If anyone knows who the Cheap Trick lookalike is or has any more personnel info please leave a comment.

Saturday 5 March 2016

V/A - Backlash! (1981)

Scotland's (Edinburugh) Playlist Records follow up to Mint Sauce For The Masses 7" EP that has 5 tracks from 5 bands, all in the Punk / Post-Punk vein.

Significant Zeros (Edinburgh).  (Stiff Citizens - Recorded @ Palladium Studios 20-04-81)

Andy Merry (Voc, Bass)
Gillian 'Dill' Unwin (Voc, Alto Sax)
Iain Mackechnie (Guitar, Voc)
Steve Hill (Drums, Voc) RiP 2006

Formed while the four members were studying at Crew & Alsager college, Cheshire circa 1979/80.
The band emerged from two other bands - Rocky Atomic and the Sub Particles (Andy & Iain, both from Edinburgh) and Small Mammals (Dill from Skipton & Steve from Liverpool).
7" Jungle/Stiff Citizens - Dingy Toons Records (Dinge 1) - August 1981

Factory Poems (Glasgow)  (Passion Dance - Recorded @ Wilf's Planet 12-05-81)

Jack Reilly (Voc, Guitar)
Sander Lee (Bass)
Stephen Baillie (Drums)

7" Infant Soldiers/Up And Rise - Ryme Time(WRS 803) - Nov 1981

Threats (Dalkeith & Woodburn - Edinburgh) (Pacivity - Re-Recorded @ Wilf's Planet 15-03-81)

Jim Smith (Voc, Guitar)
Gogs (Guitar)
Ian Simpson (Bass) Replaced by Martin (Tin) Tucker-Bass
Joe Amos (Drums) Replaced by Mick Amos?
Spider (Backing Voc)

 This is their First release chosen from a 1979 6 track demo tape. (Pacivity / Afghanistan / State Of Shock / Spider / Underground Army / Iron Maiden) All the songs can be found on their Demo's & Rarities CD
Can be found here

Victims Of What? (Penicuik, Edinburgh) (Anybody's Baby - Recorded @ Wilf's Planet 02-06-81)

Stephen Farrell (Voc)
Colin Moxey (Guitar) later in Twisted Nerve
Martin Archibald (Bass)
Graeme Radin (Drums) Ex-The Freeze

 End Result  (Airdrie) (Last Chance - Recorded @ Emblem Studios Strathaven 01-05-81)

David Russell (Voc Bass)
Joe Whyte (Guitar Voc)
Stewart Reid (Drums)

For more info/extras about the bands download the Sounds & Scans

Useless Info - Stiff Citizens, Last Chance & Anybody's Baby can all be found on the Kilt By Death (Sound Of Old Scotland 1977-84) 3 CD compilation

Finally -- If you want to while away a few hours visit the Edinburgh Gig Archive site.

Sunday 14 February 2016

The Tremblers - Wouldn't I (1980)

b/w - She Was Something Else

Great tunes from Ex- Herman's Hermits Peter Noone's Powerpop / New Wave foray.

Peter Noone (Voc, Bass, Guitar, keys)
George Conner (Guitar, Voc)
Gregg Inhofer (Guitar, Keys, Voc)
Mark Browne (Bass) Replaced by Randy Rice
Robert Williams (Drums, Voc) Ex The Pop

August '78 - After leaving the Hermits and spending some time in  Europe, Noone moved to Los Angeles to drum up a new recording deal. Whilst there, he was asked to do a song for the new soundtrack of a movie titled "We're All Crazy Now". (He was to star alongside Joan Jett and the Runaways as  their road manager, unfortunately Joan was taken ill during the shooting and the film never came out) - Noone did however appear in another film: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", where he and a cast of thousands were seen in the grand finale singing a medley of Beatles songs.
Noone decided to record the song "Steady Eddy" that he had co-written with producer/friend Roger Harris for "We're All Crazy Now". So he went into the studio with some of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers (Stan Lynch [drums], Mike Campbell [Guitar] and Ron Blair [Bass])
Noone took the tape to his friend Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, who in turn took it to CBS Records, as they had just offered him a label of his own. "Steady Eddy" was presented as being by a new L.A. group called The Dominators. The people at CBS jumped at the chance to sign the group.

Noone, then with the help of various people in the business got together a band that comprised of : Robert Williams on drums- ex-The Pop,
Gregg Inhofer on keyboards/guitar - ex- acid rock band Pepperfrog and had played on Bob Dylan's "Blood On the Tracks" LP,
Geo Conner on lead guitar - who had been with Tonio K. and also done some work for Dyan Diamond and Barbra Streisand, and finally
Mark Browne on bass, later replaced by ex-Eric Burdon and the Animals member, Randy Rice.
Peter Noone played guitar and handled the lead vocals.

L to R George, Randy, Peter, Gregg , Robert
In Feb '80 they changed their monicker to The Tremblers and started working on an album. It was produced by Noone himself in association with Bruce Johnston and Roger Harris.
On the recording sessions were such notables as John Ferrar, Dave Clark, Daryl Dragon, Phil Seymour, Kent Housman, Steve Allen and 3 Elton John veterans: Nigel Olsson, Davey Johnstone and Dee Murray plus again the 3 Heartbreakers: Lynch, Campbell and Blair. 
The Tremblers album, "Twice Nightly", was released in Sept 1980.
The Tremblers toured America, (their first tour as support act to the Beach Boys), and later flew to the UK and Europe for more gigs promoting the LP

In March '81 The Tremblers were back in the studio (Music Grinder Recording Studios in L.A), to record their second album for Johnston Records. Even though the group had a 5-album deal with Johnston, their follow-up album never came out, and the Tremblers disbanded at the end of the year.
Noone was offered a starring role as Frederic in a Gilbert & Sullivan comedy opera "The Pirates of Penzance" which toured throughout the US and visited all the major cities like Seattle, Chicago and Boston.
Noone also took the time to release his first solo album in March '82, titled "One of The Glory Boys". The album had been finished in Nov. '81, before the Tremblers farewell gig at the Forum, L.A. in December. Peter Noone and his session musicians, which included Randy Bishop, Carmine Appice, Art Wood, Jim Johnson, Steve Hunter and others too numerous to mention, had recorded 23 tracks, but the album was slimmed down to 9, with Spencer Proffer responsible for the production.

 45's (All 1980)
 Steady Eddy/Steady Eddy        Johnston Records USA    ZS9 9700 
 Steady Eddy/Maybe I'll Stay    Johnston Records USA    ZS9 9700 
 I'll Be Taking Her Out Tonight/I Screamed Anne        Epic Holland  EPC 8900    
 Steady Eddy/I Screamed Anne        Epic Holland    EPC 8930   
 Steady Eddy/ I Screamed Anne       Epic Spain    EPC 8930   
 Steady Eddy/I Screamed Anne        Epic UK    S EPC 8930    1 Aug
 Steady Eddy/I Screamed Anne        Epic Australia    ES 514    Sep
 Wouldn't I/She Was Something Else    Epic UK    S EPC 9319    7 Nov

LP - Twice Nightly
You Can’t Do That / Steady Eddy / She Was Something Else / I’ll Be Taking Her Out Tonight / Little Lover / I Screamed Anne / Wouldn’t I? / Dad Said / Maybe I’ll Stay / Green Shirt / Don’t Say It

According to Peter Noone the 1982 LP "One Of The Glory Boys" is actually the 2nd Tremblers LP as the entire band from the 1st LP are playing/writing on it. "Twice Nightly" sold so poorly that the folks at Johnston/CBS records felt it better to release the LP under the name of Peter Noone.

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BTW - If anyone has Twice Nightly can they send me a link

Saturday 16 January 2016

Van Onderen - De Russen (1983)

b/w - José

1st of 2 45's from this Utrecht Band (1983-84) which is Cool New Wave / Pop

Hans Keizer (Guitar Voc) Now in Pub n Lodging Band
Fred Jenner (Guitar Voc) Ex De Jenner Band / Pre Kadanz
Gerard Snijdelaar (Guitar Voc) Ex De Jenner Band
Tammo Heikens (Bass) Pre The Bombay Connection
Ad de Jong (Drums) Pre All The Kings Men/ The Phones

7" Discography
De Russen /José - Sky 4047 (1983)
De Vlag/Eigen Krant - Sky 4112 (1984)

De Russen also appears on the 1984 Sky Compilation LP "Zwart Wit En 13 Andere Stukken" (although I think José is the far better track - More of a Powerpop/Ska feel to it)

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