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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Attendants - Happy families (1980)

b/w Dead beats and no-ones

(check the spelling on the back cover)

Good bit of mod/punk from West London from the same label (black & white records) that gave you Robert & the remoulds.

The band were

Paul Furtek (voc)
Alan Waites (voc)
Malcolm Kew (guitar)
Pete Johnson (bass)
Robert Kew (drums)

for more info pop over to Bored teenagers

sounds & scans below


Monday 30 August 2010

Ail Symudiad - Geiriau (1981)

1. Annwyl Rhywun (Dear someone)
2. Cura dy law (knock your hand)

Here's the 2nd 45 on their own Fflach label
Geiraiu (Words) is more pop than their earlier 45's but still great.

I'm posting this to appease Graham.
As he rightly stated this was left off of their "Yr oes ail" CD (probably coz it's a Meic Stevens cover)

The band on this 45 are

Richard Jones (guitar, voc)
Robin Davies (guitar)
Wyn Jones (bass, voc)
Kevin Bearne (drums)

sounds & scans below


Sunday 29 August 2010

B.T.P. Folders - Radio (1980)

b/w - All of a sudden

When ever I'm asked for best all round powerpop 45 (Let's face it, Its not a question I get asked that regularly)

This is my answer!

Yes I know it's been posted elsewhere but some of you may not know this 45 & everyone should hear it at least once!!!!!!
(both sides have been made available on compilations + 1977 records even did a repressing)

the Doncaster band were

Neil Shaw (voc)
Pat Grogan (guitar, voc)
John White (guitar, voc)
Mick Philipson (bass)
David Woodrow (drums)

sounds & scans below


Saturday 28 August 2010

the Odds - unreleased live session tracks (1981)

1. Martin
2. Be what you are
3. Corinne
4. Fool in the crowd

It's a special "treat day" today 4 previously unavailable tracks by the Mod/ska band the Odds

These were sent to me by Kieran Moses, who had seen my previous odds posts & figured you lucky people would like to hear some more!!

Below are Kieran's words

"The photograph is of an out-door gig on the back of a truck somewhere (can’t remember where) to about 1500 people.

Left to right
Bill McKeown (bass), me (guitar and vox), Colin Brockwell (drums), Twig Leafe (guitar) and Stuart Matthewman (Sax and guitar). Bill, Twig and Stuart all did backing vox as well.

This is the line-up on the live recording I sent you."

I have to admit to being really impressed by these tracks & hope Kieran decides to send some more (comments may also help)

In case you are interested "the Odds" were named after the "Oddfellows Arms" in Beverly where the band was formed by Bill McKeown & Sam Leyland

sounds & pic below


Friday 27 August 2010

Skid - I saw her standing there (1977)

b/w - Endless sleep

It's about time for another punk/glam Beatles Cover (sorry to all those out there that are getting bored of cover versions but even the b-side is a cover)

The UK pressing doesn't come in a picture sleeve (as far as I know) but if you look out for the German (Hansa International) or Belgium (Panky Records - pic included in d/load) pressings you will be rewarded

sounds & scans below


Thursday 26 August 2010

Freefall - Ride out (1982)

b/w - Down's song

Good double B side of punk/powerpop from this quartet.

Paul Eastwood (voc)
Pete Gault (guitar)
Chris Leach (bass)
Adam Armstrong (drums)

Sounds & scans below


Wednesday 25 August 2010

Salford Jets - cops n robbers (1981)

B/w (it's a one sided promo so there is no b-side)

I've chosen this as It's pretty much the only one that's not available on their 2006 Sanctuary release "Manchester boys"

The Salford Jets were

Mike Sweeney (voc)
Rod Gerrard (guitar)
Diccon Hubbard (bass, voc)
Geoff " Bubbs" Kerry (keyboards, guitar, voc)
Dave Morris (drums)

Their most famous song (4th 45) was "who you lookin at" (#72 in the hit parade in 1980) has been re-released for charity go here to see the video for it

If you want a discography go here

sounds & scans below


Tuesday 24 August 2010

Belgian bitch - same time, same face (1981)

A - Same time, same face
B1 - Michelle
B2 - Can't say no to you

2nd 45 release on "out of town" records (the 1st being stress - playing games)

The band were from the Stockport area (see the comments below) "Can't say no to you" is also available on the various artists LP "In & out of town"

Apparently the Beatles cover is also available on another out of town records compilation "the art of selection" but I can't confirm that! (again see the comments section for confirmation)

sounds & scans below


Monday 23 August 2010

Volcano - It's not the time (1983)

b/w - why

Another lost 45 released Feb 1983 (according to music master but it also says there is an earlier 45 by volcano - I have it and it's not the same band - simply awful!! + different band members (composers))

The composers to thank for this mod/powerpop gem are Liotti & Pierra (of Mediterranean heritage I guess)

The back of the sleeve is signed but I can't decipher it!

sounds & scans below


Sunday 22 August 2010

Rimshots - At night (1981)

b/w - Little boys & little girls

I'm posting this to fulfill a request from a couple of days ago. It's actually a lot better than I remember (especially the b-side)

As a bonus I have also included their track "Race against time" from "the circus comes to town" compilation LP (Circus records - TENT 0001)

This was the 2nd & final 45 from this Bristol Mod band
(follow the link & have a look around - It's run by Mike Darby)

the Band were

Mike Darby (voc)
Mike Fursman (guitar)
Simon Heathfield (bass)
Dick Bently (keyboards)
Nick Waring (drums)

sounds & scans below


Saturday 21 August 2010

Hippo - Hot from hippo ep (1979)

A1 - They can't hear me
A2 - Twenty three
B1 - Country roads
B2 - Spanish eyes

Here's an "interesting" ep for you (1 original & 3 covers) from this South coast band
(Boscombe nr Bournemouth, Dorset)

I think it starts off as a fairly decent romp & by the end barely crawls over the finishing line - give it a listen & you'll see what I mean!

The band were

Chris Coope
Roger Deacon-Smith
Barry Vacher
David Dowland

sounds & scans below


Friday 20 August 2010

AD'80 - the sound of london town (1980)

b/w - Taxi driver

I thought this would have been posted somewhere already - but a quick shifty & I came up with nowt. So here it is!

It's gained a bit of notoriety from being on Teenage treats vol 10

The Middlesex quartet were

Brian Rydell (voc)
David Farrah (guitar)
Neal Butler (bass)
Step Hoyland (drums)

for other info read the back sleeve

sounds & scans below


Thursday 19 August 2010

Spring'heel jack - 1960's Girl (1979)

b/w - How many colours

Some of you may recognize the label (others on it being phil canning /cheeky /everyone else)

So you know it was recorded at the WMRS studios in Leamington but don't you be expecting more of that heavy rock/glam/powerpop crossover stuff.

This is an enjoyable new wave/powerpop romp (maybe even a Mick take, Jagger of course)

sounds & scans below


Wednesday 18 August 2010

Prime example - Runaway e.p. (1980)

A1 - Runaway
A2 - Mr. Right
B1 - Miami Falls
B2 - No spex...(to see through you)

An interesting ep from these 5 Geordie lads

Alan Meadows (voc, guitar)
Willy James (bass)
Gary Smallman (drums) ex Penetration
Kevin Eland (trumpet, flugal horn)
John Tobin (trombone)

I personally pefer "No spex" (It smacks of the mod revival sound) followed by" runaway". The other 2 are interesting but not really my cup of tea.

sounds & scans below


Tuesday 17 August 2010

Pal a'r gwylliad cochion - Gwrthryfela (198?)

b/w - Lwni bin

Here's another welsh language record for you

It's a private press with no date attached & I couldn't find any info on it - so we're flying blind today!!

The Band name seems to translate to "Puffin & the red bandits" so a perusal of the internet has led me to believe they are probably from mid Wales (purely speculative)

Anyway the A side is a catchy little number (gwrthryfela = rebel) & the flip (Lwni bin = loony bin?) reminds me of early "kursaal flyers"

sounds & scans below


Monday 16 August 2010

the Pylons - marvel world (1980)

b/w - Spoof

Excellent double sider

The A-side you probably know from powerpearls vol 10 but the fey cockney b-side is a track you need to hear!

This was the sole release for the trio from Epsom, Surrey

who were

Tim Sandford (voc, guitar)
Brian Clarke (bass, voc)
Graham Budd (drums, voc)

sounds & scans below


Sunday 15 August 2010

Fingers - Saints alive (1979)

b/w - We're alright

Well at least one person answered the "would you like to hear the 2nd 45 by these boys" question. So here it is!

I'm not sure about the A side but the flip makes up for it in my book (great powerpoppy number)

In case you can't read the labels the song writing is credited to Sayer / Mitchell / Lee

There was another" fingers" record released in March 1981 (sounds of the city / woman may cry - Ace Records) but this a different band (same musical style though, maybe a bit more pop/rock) The writing credits for that 45 are Dave Seal & Ray Amos.

sounds & scans below


Saturday 14 August 2010

Brent ford and the nylons - 19th nervous breakdown (1978)

A - 19th nervous breakdown
B1 - Big rock candy mountain
B2 - C'mon everybody

Well, by now you must know I'm a sucker for an interesting cover version.

So; if I've a record that has 3 on it then it's gonna get posted!!

(+ almost every want's list/request I've received has had this on it! - you can buy it at LDK you know!)

The sleeve is a sort of xmas card hence the extra scan (the record was first released with no sleeve)

If you wanna see them in action on "Revolver" go here

the Birmingham band were*

Brent Ford (voc) John Mostyn
Dick Nylon (guitar voc) - Dick Nelson
Vo Nylon (bass, nervous guitar) - Vo Flecher or Gavin Lawson (pre - denizens)
Jim Nylon (drums) - Jim Bates (pre - wide boys)
Pete Nylon (piano) - Pete Bately

*thanks to 45 revs for the real names

sounds & scans below


Friday 13 August 2010

the Slide - Superman's shoes (1980)

b/w - Meet your new neighbour

Great new wave/powerpop A-side released October 1980

Again I know nothing about the band except the song writers are

Mark Brown & Peter Morris

I have to admit to picking this up due to the label

(other bands on it are : Linda C, Linda & the dark, Todd, Vince cadillac & the ties)

If you've just followed the link above you'll have noticed Tony Todd's name - he also wrote the "Linda & the dark" tunes (interesting fact, is it not)
shame his name isn't on this slice of vinyl

sounds & scans below


Thursday 12 August 2010

the Switch - Switch e.p. (1978)

A1 - Coming home
A2 - She's so cruel
B1 - Every body knows
B2 - Raving around

I love this ep, it's got 4 tracks each trying something slightly different (yet still the same - work that out...answers on a postcard to...)
It's also got an over sized heavy plastic sleeve, which must have cost more than the record to produce!!

It's recorded in Sheffield so for arguments sake we'll say the band were from that area.

the band being

Marc Howard (voc, lead guiar, bass guitar)
Wynne Morris (rhythm guitar)
David Evans (drums, voc)

Apparently "the roadie" Phillip Jones deserves a mention as he wrote a lot of the lyrics to "coming home"

Although a Roger Hughes shouldn't be mentioned as he didn't bother to turn up (ex-band member perhaps!)

sounds & scans below


Wednesday 11 August 2010

Teen commandments - Private world (1981)

b/w - Italian girls

Back to a nice bit o' mod/powerpop from these Dublin boys

Band names on the sleeve are:

Phillip Byrne (voc, bass) ex revolver
Eamonn Kenny (guitars, voc)
Kevin Reynolds (drums, voc)

If you go to Irish rock. org there's a nice bit of info about the recording of the 45 (which explains the "thanks for all the reasons" comment on the back of the sleeve)

sounds & scans below


Tuesday 10 August 2010

Fingers - Marching band (1979)

b/w - The bandleader (Baz's tune)

This is the 1st of 2 45's by this band (both released in September '79)

I think both sides are worth at least a few listens

(If like me, You've a soft spot for "The Faces" then the bandleader is the track you'll prefer)

If anyone wants to hear the 2nd 45 just leave a comment!!

sounds & scans below


Monday 9 August 2010

the ReTreads - would you listen girl e.p. (1981)

A- Would you listen girl
B1 - One after 909
B2 - You said you knew

Here's another Beatles fixated band (even covering a Lennon / McCartney song )

They came from either Spratton or Rushden in the Northampton area and were (read the comments below!)

Martyn Smith (voc)
Steve Andrews (Guitar, voc)
Wilby Meadows (Guitar, organ, voc)
Terry Woods (bass, voc)
Bob Parker (drums)

There's a wealth of info on the band over at Bored teenagers (even showing the mini poster that came with most of the 45's - not mine though!)

sounds & scans below


Sunday 8 August 2010

Roxette - Natacha (1982)

b/w - Tout, tout, tout

1st of (I think only) 2 45 releases

(the 2nd being "un jour / ciao ciao" on Tarass records, 1986)

This should be well known to most as it's been comped on shake some action vol6 & powerpearls vol6

I just thought it was time the b-side was heard as well

(If you want to "hear" the "shake some action" volumes follow this thread


there's also loads of other goodies to be had, from some very kind people)

sounds & scans below


Saturday 7 August 2010

the Rookies - Snapshot (1981)

b/w - What the papers say

The lone release by the Rookies on the applause label credited to Gary Tillyer

What can I say! - here's another that I know nothing about.

The B-side is the better track (bit of a Joe Jackson feel to it)

sounds & scans below


Friday 6 August 2010

the Ringers - No No No (1981)

b/w - What can I do (I still love you)

OK, I know the date of today's post (even the month of release - June)

Unfortunately, I know nothing about the band (both songs are written by Phil Barrett)

I can tell you, that they have a Beatles fixation (if you like the mod/powerpop sound of "the Pleasers" then this is for you.)

If I wanted to speculate - then there is a copyright to "Powerplay records" which could lead us across the pond to some other Beatles wannabies. That's probably just wishful thinking!!

sounds & scans below


Thursday 5 August 2010

the Kidz - I'll get caught (1980)

b/w - Prototype Pete

As a follow on to yesterdays post here's another that the date of release is unconfirmed.

This time, it's a nice hit of Irish punk/powerpop

The 2 writing credits go to

M Kelleher
A Field

For some more info, pop over to Irish rock org

If you can't be bothered, here's a shortened version

It says that bass player Martin Kelliher was an ex member of Cork punk band Berserk (is this really the same person, as the surnames have different spelling)
It also states, the singer was Aidan McCarthy (again ex Berserk) who unfortunately, was killed in a car crash in 1981.

sounds & scans below


Wednesday 4 August 2010

Mondo Billie Davies - Howard Hughes' shoes (1978)

b/w - white house

I know I've written 1978. Really no-one is sure about the actual date (It could be anytime after this)

When it comes down to it ...who cares!!
It's good; so the date is superfluous in my mind (I'm not a collector of only 1976 -82)

The record seemed to appear around 8 years ago & got collectors excited - give it a listen & see what all the fuss was about!

Info now seems to point at 1980

sounds & scans below


Avon calling 2 released soon

This was dropped through my letter box a couple of hours ago (yes I pre-ordered it) on listening to it I can say It's well worth forking out for

below is the release blurb from Bristol archive records - hopefully Mike won't be upset that I've copied it





Released worldwide on 23rd August 2010


In 1979, Bristol's’ music scene was riding the crest of the new wave, spawning numerous bands and performers whose influences and indeed physical beings have gone on to feature in some of today's’ big music makers.

During this period local musician Simon Edwards decided to form Bristol's’ first independent label, Heartbeat Records, to capture all the excitement and get Bristol's’ music out beyond the M32.

With so many bands to choose from the label set about releasing a series of 7” singles, and such was the demand realized by these that a compilation LP featuring fifteen of these bands was released. The album, topically titled AVON CALLING went on to achieve near legendary status – even hailed by John Peel as “truly superb, the compilation that all others should be judged by”.

Such was the interest in the album that the bands involved continued to supply the label with demo tapes, and the lucky ones went on to release more singles, even 12” EP’s and ultimately LP’s. The sheer volume of demos and the eventual logistical constraints of “just how many records can one man put out in a year” meant that only a few would actually see further releases - though the content was in most cases nothing short of superb.

Label boss Edwards openly admits to continually returning to many of the songs purely

just to listen and enjoy some “bloody good music”. Long has it been his ambition to put together an album of these songs - for no other reason but to get them out there where they belong, so they can at last be heard by others and the bands once more be applauded for making such exciting and essential sounds.

Well, the dream has finally been realized and Bristol Archive Records have given him the platform to finally release AVON CALLING 2, a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the vaults of Bristol's’ Heartbeat Records. Featured bands include EUROPEANS, APARTMENT, SNEAK PREVIEW, JOE PUBLIC, 48 HOURS, ESSENTIAL BOP, THE DIRECTORS, THE X-CERTS and SOCIAL SECURITY.

This new album full of forgotten treasures will sit perfectly along side the original AVON CALLING release and go some way to completing the story of just what was happening in Bristol back in 1979/1980 and how the music sounds as relevant today as it did back then.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Virus - (I'm not your) Stepping stone (1982)

b/w - Salute to the Afghan rebels

Ok to quell any confusion - No this is not H/C

The B (rough side, as the sleeve says) is is a bit more punk than I usually post but the A (smooth side) is a great romp through the "everyone must cover this" classic

the band were

Psyco S Whitehouse (voc)
Roger Reynolds (guitar)
Derek (bass)
Tim (drums)

I'd say they may be from the Dudley, West Midlands area, as that is where the 5th column record label was based but the seemingly, only other release after this (FC1) was the European pressing of the N.J band Nasty Facts with "drive my car"(FC2)

The other anomaly is that everywhere I've read give release dates of Oct 1981. Except music master which gives them both a Dec 1982 release. (I guess the US release was '81 & the Euro pressing was a year later - hence the confusion)

Anyone got any words of wisdom to clear this up!

sounds & scans below


Monday 2 August 2010

the Cassettes - Call on me (1982)

b/w - Fast forward

I've no information on this band except I can tell you the song writers are Whitcombe & Jenkins. My copy doesn't have the apparent fold over sleeve (just this pic - pretty sure it didn't start life as an insert )

The Beta side is the better in my opinion but it depends on your choice of music!! (post punk or powerpop)

& no this is not the same band that released the "reverberate/don't label me" 45

sounds & scans below


Sunday 1 August 2010

Naughty Thoughts - All or nothing (1982)

b/w - weekdays

Nice bit of mod/powerpop from Kent for you.

"all or nothing" is a fairly decent rendering of the Marriot/Lane classic but it's the B-side that does it for me (it's got a bit of a ropey start but romps home)

The band were

Mark Edwards (vocals guitar) ex "the Rivals"
Chris Waters (guitar Voc)
Jim Peel (bass Voc)
Mike Jenkins (keyboard voc)
Mark Hebdan (drums) also ex the 1st Rivals lie up.

Strictly speaking the sleeve lies, as it's not really their debut, having already released "shadow stalking" on a various artists 45 in 1981. (First release e.p. on the sleep-n-eat record label - get it here)

Photo of the band signing to "Maestro" outside the entrance to Margate's Dreamland also in the Photo is Peter Malski (Front) & Band Manager ,Andrew McPherson (Back)

After leaving their "Naughty" thoughts behind in 1983. Mark & chums (the only change is Steve Morley filling in behind the drums & Gary Barnacle added sax ) went on to release records as "the Thoughts" seemingly doing better in Germany & Japan than in the U.K.

You can hear their LP releases here & here (As with this 45 their LP "Passions In Fashion" was also independently funded by Peter Malski's label). Clive Scott of Jigsaw produced the album at Majestic Studios in Clapham with the final cut 'Ecstasy' being recorded at 10cc's studio in Dorking. Unfortunately a deal for worldwide rights and release of the album with Lamborghini Records fell through at the 11th hour, hence the LP being quite hard to locate now.

sounds & scans below