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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Brent ford and the nylons - 19th nervous breakdown (1978)

A - 19th nervous breakdown
B1 - Big rock candy mountain
B2 - C'mon everybody

Well, by now you must know I'm a sucker for an interesting cover version.

So; if I've a record that has 3 on it then it's gonna get posted!!

(+ almost every want's list/request I've received has had this on it! - you can buy it at LDK you know!)

The sleeve is a sort of xmas card hence the extra scan (the record was first released with no sleeve)

If you wanna see them in action on "Revolver" go here

the Birmingham band were*

Brent Ford (voc) John Mostyn
Dick Nylon (guitar voc) - Dick Nelson
Vo Nylon (bass, nervous guitar) - Vo Flecher or Gavin Lawson (pre - denizens)
Jim Nylon (drums) - Jim Bates (pre - wide boys)
Pete Nylon (piano) - Pete Bately

*thanks to 45 revs for the real names

sounds & scans below



  1. Gavin Lawson played with the others on the John Dowie record but couldn't play fast enough to be a Nylon (always too stoned!), so Vo Fletcher replaced him. About half of the 400 pressing had a picture sleeve and less than 50 were signed inside (using the pseudonyms) at a gig.

    John Mostyn booked The Specials first national tour, managed The Beat, FYC etc. You can also blame him for giving Ocean Colour Scene their break ...now that's a big blame!!

  2. Just noticed you already linked to the Mostyn info.

  3. It's alright, I think some people are more likely to read the comments than follow the links.

  4. Fuck I can't keep up - but that doesn't mean you should slow down - this is very cool item.