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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Belgian bitch - same time, same face (1981)

A - Same time, same face
B1 - Michelle
B2 - Can't say no to you

2nd 45 release on "out of town" records (the 1st being stress - playing games)

The band were from the Stockport area (see the comments below) "Can't say no to you" is also available on the various artists LP "In & out of town"

Apparently the Beatles cover is also available on another out of town records compilation "the art of selection" but I can't confirm that! (again see the comments section for confirmation)

sounds & scans below



  1. No comments yet? This one is pure gold to me!
    Cheers Bruce

  2. Just heaard it Bruce and it's a cracker! Especially like the first track. But I'd be interested to know the story behind the band name!

  3. Hi There,

    the featured track on "The Art of Selections" is Michelle. Have a look at Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Art-Of-Selections-LArt-De-S%C3%A9lectionner/release/2417018

  4. The band was indeed from Stockport and comprised:
    Steve Darragh (Vocals);
    Mark Constable (Guitar);
    Ian McKenna (Guitar);
    Mick Parker (Bass);
    Keith McKenna (Drums).
    The name had no significance other than it sounded sleazy and glam (the band were all influenced by Bowie/Ronson, T Rex and Be Bop Deluxe plus the new post-punk new wave of Skids, Spandau and Visage).
    Out of Town records was run by Phil Ellis which used Hologram Studios in Stockport and these songs were produced by Frank of The Predators.
    Ian the guitarist is now in Bristol punk tribute band Vinyl Warning (www.vinylwarning.co.uk).
    Glad you like it (Keith, the drummer).

  5. Hi Keith - Thanks for the extra info, it's what makes doing this blog worthwhile!