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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fingers - Saints alive (1979)

b/w - We're alright

Well at least one person answered the "would you like to hear the 2nd 45 by these boys" question. So here it is!

I'm not sure about the A side but the flip makes up for it in my book (great powerpoppy number)

In case you can't read the labels the song writing is credited to Sayer / Mitchell / Lee

There was another" fingers" record released in March 1981 (sounds of the city / woman may cry - Ace Records) but this a different band (same musical style though, maybe a bit more pop/rock) The writing credits for that 45 are Dave Seal & Ray Amos.

sounds & scans below



  1. Hi!

    Just found your blog.. the stuff you post is amazing. I'll sit and listen all night to all the stuff I got from you today. A question. This seems to be the place where I could request a single by the Rimshots. All night. I think it's from 81' Two fantastic tracks on that single, I have'nt heard them for ages.

    Thanks again, Ghost1000

  2. I do have "at night/little boys & little girls" on spectro from 1981 (Bristol band) - I guess you mean this? Must admit, I can't remember what it sounds like! so it may be posted soon.

  3. Honestly, I didn't think I would like this but it's much better than the other.
    I didn't care much for the Rolling Stones sound on the b-side of their first but both songs on this one are worth hearing in repetition.

    "We're Alright" is great but "Saint's Alive" has a really cool vibe to it too if it weren't for the overly-aspiring lyrics.

  4. Fingers: me have this one for sale!

    Rimshots: there's also the "I Was Wrong"/"Stuck In A Boat" single by that same band. "Stuck In A Boat" was always my favourite thing by them.. but isn't there now a whole LP of stuff, recently issued by the singer's Bristol-centric 'archive' label?