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Saturday, 7 August 2010

the Rookies - Snapshot (1981)

b/w - What the papers say

The lone release by the Rookies on the applause label credited to Gary Tillyer

What can I say! - here's another that I know nothing about.

The B-side is the better track (bit of a Joe Jackson feel to it)

sounds & scans below



  1. This is another one of those 45s with another great B-side! Fave blog!

  2. nice 45 love both sides but actually prefer the A side your right bruce there is a joe jackson/graham parker/jags/costello feel to both sides thanks bruce for another unheard gem

  3. This is a weird one. I can download all the others on this wonderful blog, but when I click on the download link in Mediafire it says 'your download is starting, but then it doesn't. Tried allsorts. Anyone had the same problem?

  4. it's probably media fire being a bit touchy - just try again at another time

  5. Well, computer finally relented and I got it! I was thinking Elvis Costello, but yes, Joe Jackson too!

  6. This was me. Its all about the bass