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Friday, 13 August 2010

the Slide - Superman's shoes (1980)

b/w - Meet your new neighbour

Great new wave/powerpop A-side released October 1980

Again I know nothing about the band except the song writers are

Mark Brown & Peter Morris

I have to admit to picking this up due to the label

(other bands on it are : Linda C, Linda & the dark, Todd, Vince cadillac & the ties)

If you've just followed the link above you'll have noticed Tony Todd's name - he also wrote the "Linda & the dark" tunes (interesting fact, is it not)
shame his name isn't on this slice of vinyl

sounds & scans below



  1. Thanks Bruce, Jesus, how catchy is the chorus on this one?

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  3. Looks great in that Phonogram sleeve, I agree, what with all the black and red, but they don't belong together and it's making me all queasy. Should be in a plain white one. If I revisit tomorrow, to see if there are comments (I always like reading people's comments) could you have replaced the image by then, please? Or should I find something else to do, come back to the 'Jigsaw only when there's a new posting, and just generally stop being such an arse-clenchingly sick collector-pedant?

  4. I Know I shouldn't have kept it in the phonogram sleeve but I think it looks "pretty" anyway an argument could be put that phonogram is a sister group to satril in a roundabout way (via polydor via Vertigo via Universal via warners (don't hey own everyone by now) etc. etc.)
    BTW - no-one else would have noticed!!!

  5. I bought a Users 'Kicks In Style' in a tatty A&M sleeve in 1979 from my local newsagents who had a tiny record room at the back of the shop. It was in the ex-chart box on the counter (they only sold chart stuff!). Still puzzles me to this day. I eventually did the right thing and put it in a Phonogram sleeve.

  6. the 'Trash, he say:
    "I eventually did the right thing and put it in a Phonogram sleeve."

    Arrgh! Don't!! You two are killing me. I need a bath.

  7. Where did that come from!!!
    Its Mark Brown here former front-man of the slide. cant believe this has surfaced after 30 years!
    Thanks for finding it.

  8. Hi Mark, Hope this has brought back some happy memories - Can you give us some background on the 45 & maybe some info on the Band (Please)