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Sunday 2 April 2023

The Cartel Rebels - Washington Guns (198X)

b/w The Industry

Adam Cole (Voc Guitar)
Chris Coombes (Guitar Voc)
Pete Clarke (Bass)
Phil Yorke (Drums)   
Colin Bodenham (Keys)

Nice "Late Clash" sounding tunes, released in an oversized sleeve on their own Bullet Records. Presumably they were Bristol Based as its recorded at SAM Studios (Backfields Place Stokes Croft) & my guess would be released sometime between 1985-88

Useless Info - The SAM name was derived from Steve Street, Andy Davis and Martin/Merv Woolford’s names. Usually Murv and Steve would’ve shared instrument, engineering and production duties.
Andy was never really part of the studio set up as he was busy with The Korgis and touring/recording with Tears For Fears.

As always if anyone has any info please leave a comment