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Sunday 18 January 2015

Tubeless Hearts - Paperback Romance (1982)

b/w - Telephone

Cool Powerpop from this Yorkshire basd band (1981-96)

Trevor Midgley (voc, guitars, keyboards) Ex The News*
Kevin Moore (Bass, voc) Ex Apollo
Trevor Sargent (Guitars)
Replaced by Adrian 'Fos' Foster in Late '82

Simon Kay (Drums, voc)
Sargent & Kay were both Ex The New Tornadoes (Billy Fury’s last backing band,)

Their sole 45 was released on "Posh Records" which was the house label for Bankhouse whose management the Tubeless Hearts amongst others shared. (2 bands being The Gents and The Uncool Danceband (who allegedly recommended the Fairview Recording Studios to them, as Jaqueline was recorded there)

* Paperback Romance is co-written by Alan Quinn & Trevor Midley who were the writing team for both The News 45's (The Other 2 band members being Ivor Drawmer [Keyboards,Voc]) & Roger Harrison [Drums,Voc])

Nowadays Trevor Midgley, Trevor Sargent and Simon Kay occasionally perform under the name of Badfingerz, playing classic 70's hits.

Posh Discography
TOFF 1 - Terry ToniK - Just A Little Mod/Smashed & Blocked (1980)
POSH 001 - The Gents - Faker/The Pink Pantser (1981)
POSH 002 - The Gents - This Way To The Gents [Cassette] (1981)
POSH 003 - The Tubeless Hearts - Paperback Romance/Telephone (1982)

POSH 004 -
POSH 005/006 - Singles - On The Line/Fools Party (1981)
POSH 007 - The Gents -  Revenge/Girl (1983)

POSH 008 -
POSH 009/010 - Kevin And The Press Gang - A Lot To Learn/That's How It Feels (1983)
POSH 011 - Dene Michael And The Thornhill Middle School Choir - The Holy City/Take A Chance (1983)

Go Here if you want to watch Kevin Moore perform as Phil Lynott on Stars In their Eyes 

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