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Monday 24 August 2015

Pete Bite - Bite Me I Taste Nice (1981)

b/w - Sex

Cool New Wave / Powerpop from this Belfast born* / London based lad

*Although Pete (real name Peter Mahon) spent most of his childhood, raised by his Aunt Ena in Downpatrick, County Down.

He was playing in bands from as early as 1971 (starting as a drummer before moving on to singer/songwriting). Around 1973 he got his first publishing deal for Mickie Most (Rak Records). Even though he wrote many songs for other recording artists, he didn't release this, his first single until February 1981. Which received the accolade of being in the top 50 "most unpleasant song titles of 1981" - Apparently he was very proud of that!!

There was also a 2nd 45 released in '84 which is also pretty good. He continued writing, performing and touring all through the eighties but in 1993 became ill and decided to quit music for the life of an Actor (appearing on TV programmes such as The Bill and Eastenders).
I'm not sure when he re-lit his musical career but in 2007 he released 2 LP's

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