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Friday 27 March 2015

Shrinking Men & Beevers - Hazards In The Home EP (1981)

A1 - Zambezi Mission - Shrinking Men
A2 - Do You Remember - Shrinking Men
B1 - Office Practice - Beevers
B2 - TSB - Beevers
B3 - Mummy's Little Soldier - Shrinking Men

Nice Split D.I.Y. EP from these Reading bands (1978 - 1982) (although it appears to be the same players)

Brian Pump {Wing Commander Nobody} (Voc)
Shrinking Men
Chris Colley (Guitar)
John Moon (Bass)
Nick Duckett (Drums)
Baz (Keys)
Although according to the rear of the sleeve Stuart, Pete, Chuck & Sweep appear to have aided in the making of the tunes + Phil & Paul make an appearance in the band later.

The 45 was released on Nick Duckett's own label [Pop Records International] & utilised the logo from the legendary EMI owned label, Top Rank. Top Rank was not amused, and took him to court where he was made to put stickers on all the subsequent records explaining that "This Record has no connection whatsoever with the Top Rank Organisation and Pop Records apologises for any confusion arising from the use of the "man with gong" symbol"

45's on the Pop Records International label
1980     El Seven     Magnifico E.P.     POP 000 (800 copies pressed)
1980     El Seven     Radio Tokyo / Turn Out the Light     POP 001 (2000 copies pressed)
1981     Shrinking Men / A Fast Crowd / Beevers     Hazards in the Home  E.P.  POP 999 (2500 copies pressed)*

*Track A3 goes unmentioned on this release. The excerpt of this nameless track (called John's Upstairs) being the only recorded evidence of A Fast Crowd
Page From Beyond The River Booklet

If anyone's interested my pick is the Beevers - Office Practice nice sloppy DIY/Mod, which coincidentally was also comped on Messthetics #006 : UK '78-82 "D.I.Y"

Sounds & Scans

There were also 2 more tracks (Marginally Adjusted // Visitors) that were included on the 1982 Reading V/A LP -Beyond The River [Open Door OD001] If you wanna hear more Shrinking Men tunes go here (Thanks also to this site for the invaluable info).