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Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Radio Rhythm Boys - I'm In The Charts (1980)

German Pressing
French Pressing

b/w Bad Dream

Sole release from this Middlesex  New Wave/Powerpop based band.

This did not get a UK release but was put out simultaneously in France [Disc' AZ International ‎– AZ/1 748] & Germany [Strand ‎– 6.12891] (Probably due to their constant Touring of Northern Europe)

The Band were
Martin Pilkington (Voc Guitar) ex China Street
Alan Black (Bass Voc)
Ian (Drums Voc)
Emily (Voc)
Heidi (Voc)
Bo ?

The 45 was Produced by Manchester label "Smile" Engineer Steve Foley

Useless Info - Alan Black had earlier produced the Protex 45 "I Can't Cope / Popularity" [Polydor ‎– 2059 124] 

Martin Pilkington can nowadays be found in The Mighty Roars