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Wednesday 23 December 2015

Cartoon - Christmas Time Again (1981)

b/w - Hopeless Case

Well it's that time again.

Two nice Pop Rock/ 70's style powerpop tunes from the pens of V.Bartlett & T. Lamb

Picked up as it's on the Solid Gold label as per The Pleasers 1st 45

The label was active from late 1976-82. The Cat no's running from SGR101 - SGR117 (I wouldn't bother with most of them)

As always if anyone can add any info please do.

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Saturday 28 November 2015

The Push - Geraldine (1980)

UK Press
b/w - Victims Of The Moon

Nice New Wave / Power popper from this Carl Groszman ( AKA Carl Keats Guitar/Voc,) led band.

Australian (Millmerran) born Carl had previously been in 60's art college band Steve & The Board  before relocating to the UK (in 1969) & briefly joining Tin Tin
As well as recording for Ringo Starr's Ring O label, he composed Status Quo's Down The Dustpipe.
Oz & Nz Press

The Push were formed early '79 & their sole 45 was recorded in the Autumn. Having release dates of Germany, Nov '79. The U.K.
 May '80 & Australia, June '80

I'm not sure of the other players on the record but the flip is Co-written by drummer Lucas Fox - who around this time was also the drummer for The Untouchables  (Previously he had Pre-dated Phil Taylor in Motorhead & been in Warsaw Pakt & later was in Goth band The Sisterhood)

German Press
60's Carl

 N.B.   This is not the same band that released "The Cambridge Stomp"

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Thursday 15 October 2015

Paradise - One Of These Days (1977)

b/w - You're The One I Need

Nice 60's Styled powerPOP tunes recorded on the house label of Fair Deal Studios (Hayes, Middlesex)

Released in October 1977, probably in a pressing run of 500.

Both side's were penned by M Chown & produced by Clubland's owner Stuart Johnson

Short 'n' sweet - If anyone can add to this post please leave a comment

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Saturday 26 September 2015

Surfside 6 - Cool In The Tube (1980)

 b/w - Schools Out

Cool Surf Punk/Powerpop from this Sydney bunch

Jolyon Burnett (Voc)
Greg Masuak (Guitar)
Geoff Datsun (Guitar)
Richard McGregor (Guitar)
Cathy Courtenay (Bass)
Toby Cresswell (Keyboards)
John "JJ" Hackett (Drums)  

12'' Acetate (1 in existance)
Recorded at Trafalgar Studios,Sydney
Produced by Greg's older brother Chris Masuak. (Radio Birdman)
Engineered by Dan Gray.
Mastered by Don Bartley at EMI's 'Studios 301'

This was the 2nd release for Sydney's Phantom label. The original 12" Acetate being cut Feb '80 with the release being May 7 1980
Paul Worstead Poster

Cool in the Tube appeared on the 1983 Phantom Records Paths Of Pain To Jewels Of Glory Compilation LP 

There was also a 2nd 45  - (Can't You See) The Sign// Beach Party/Baci! Baci! - PH-7 July 1981 

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Monday 24 August 2015

Pete Bite - Bite Me I Taste Nice (1981)

b/w - Sex

Cool New Wave / Powerpop from this Belfast born* / London based lad

*Although Pete (real name Peter Mahon) spent most of his childhood, raised by his Aunt Ena in Downpatrick, County Down.

He was playing in bands from as early as 1971 (starting as a drummer before moving on to singer/songwriting). Around 1973 he got his first publishing deal for Mickie Most (Rak Records). Even though he wrote many songs for other recording artists, he didn't release this, his first single until February 1981. Which received the accolade of being in the top 50 "most unpleasant song titles of 1981" - Apparently he was very proud of that!!

There was also a 2nd 45 released in '84 which is also pretty good. He continued writing, performing and touring all through the eighties but in 1993 became ill and decided to quit music for the life of an Actor (appearing on TV programmes such as The Bill and Eastenders).
I'm not sure when he re-lit his musical career but in 2007 he released 2 LP's

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Saturday 25 July 2015

Shaftsbury - Hit Man (1975)

b/w - Crazy Jane

OK Pop Rock from this Portsmouth Trio

Dave Martin (Voc, Bass)
Peter Roffey (Guitar)
Roger Grigg (Drums Voc)

This is all over the net as being a 1980 release but as the cat # is SRT/CUS 025. I'd say earlier. You only need to hear their later NWOBHM output to agree with me.

LP -  The Lull Before the Storm - OK Records (OKA001) 1979
Cassette - Live On Demand - 1979
LP -  We Are The Boys - OK Records (OKA002) 1980*

The band started in '71 getting their name at a gig in Osborne Rd Southsea. When a partygoer asked " What's the name of your band?",on repyling that they hadn't got one. "Yes you have, Its on the front of your Drums!" There, on the bass drum front skin was 'Shaftesbury'.[Japanese musical instrument company]
In 1974 they were chosen to work for Phil Spector, The whole of that year was taken up touring as a backing band for the Crystals and the Ronnettes. It was after this that Chris Lowe {Voc, Lead / Rhythm guitar} left and Peter Roffey joined making up the band that recorded this 45.

I've read that they appeared on the ITV talent show "New Faces" in May '75 which is possibly where the recording of the superior (To my ears) Crazy Jane comes from.

*dated 1980 due to listening to their 1979/80 gig on Youtube

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Sunday 28 June 2015

Normal Day - Someone Said (1980)

b/w - Angelina, Angelina

Nice 60's Amateur Mod / Powerpop tunes on this 45..

The Bedford based band (1978-81) were

Ben Dickey (Voc, Sax)
Dave Wilkinson (Guitar Voc)
Neil Starr (Bass)
Adam Griffiths (Drums)

Released in a pressing run of 500 with both tunes being penned by Dave Wilkinson

Quest 7" Discography (1979-82) [earlier releases had PPS-000's e.g.]

BRS 001 Tins - There Is No Steel/Working For The Corporation (1979)
BRS 002 V/A - The Voxhall Tracks Vol 1 - 4 Track EP (1979)
BRS 003 Clientelle - Can't Forget/Skyflier (1979)
BRS 004 Toad The Wet Sprocket - Pete's Punk Song/Feel It (1979)
BRS 005 Tanya Hyde - Herr Wunderbar/Auf Der Anderen Seite (1979)
BRS 006 Cheetah - Take It Easy With Cheetah EP (1980)
BRS 007 Normal Day - Someone Said/Angelina Angelina (1980)
BRS 008 Toad The Wet Sprocket - Reaching For The Sky/One Glass Of Whisky (1980)
BRS 009 ?
BRS 010 Dai Jones And The Cottage Burners - If Only We Knew/And We Still Don't (1981)
BRS 011 Anorexia - Anorexia 4 Track EP - (1982)

Other Info - Not released with a picture sleeve & all copies were mis-pressed with the labels being reversed.

As always If anyone has any info please leave a comment.... 

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Thanks to Dave W for the extra info.

Monday 25 May 2015

Split Genes - Somebody To Love (1980)

b/w - Submarine City

Two covers on this 45 (1 more obvious then the 2nd)

If you Like your New Wave in the style of Patti Smith / Lene Lovich then this 45 will be for you.

It's on the Clive Selwood owned Sara Bee Records (sequentially following the great Famous Names 45 in July 1980)

I have to admit to knowing nothing about the band as the label was Surrey/Kent based I'll guess they were from the Greater London area.

If anyone's got any info please leave a comment

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Useless info - Clive Selwood was the manager of the '77- '79 version of Band Of Joy which is probably how he managed to get hold of the song Submarine City (albeit slightly different).

Sunday 26 April 2015

The Spoilers - Appearing On.. EP (1978)

A1 - Has Been 
A2 - Battling On

B1 - The Ugly Nancies
B2 - Boys Night Out

Great Punky/Powerpop from this Southern California band.

The Spoilers began Life on a sidewalk in Westwood, Los Angeles in 1978 where Dean Stefan was spotted busking Clash/Costello tunes by Chis Hickey.

Chris Hickey (Guitar, Voc)
Dean Stefan  (Guitar, Voc)
George Padgett (Bass, Voc)
Bill Hickey (Drums) Chris' brother considered a semi-member of the band when he was not attending law school at Berkeley.

Shortly after this 45 was released Hickey and Stefan moved North to the Isla Vista area of Santa Barbara. Where Hickey enrolled at UCSB and the band got a new line-up under the management of local impresario Stan Bernstein.

Chris Hickey (Guitar, Voc)
Dean Stefan  (Guitar, Voc)
Craig Wisda (Bass)
Mickey Kessler (Drums)

In 1979 This line up was to record a  2nd 4 track EP (Balloon Water Race - Unreleased) that contained
Focus (Dean Stefan)
Loose Words (Chris Hickey)
Mr. X  (Craig Wisda)
Point Blank (Bruce Springsteen)

However a 7" Single did follow in 1980, again on White Lunch Records which featured Stefan’s brazen  "Greta Don't Come”  backed with Hickey’s “Loose Words.”

Having outgrown the Santa Barbara music scene, the band headed permanently South to Los Angeles. Here a 5 track Mini Album was recorded with Paul Wexler producing. The mini album was not released due to contractual haggling with Wexler.
Instead, the band recorded their second 7" of 1980 on Elton John’s The Rocket Record Company. This single contained Stefan’s “Reckless” backed by a new version of Hickey’s “Battling On.”

Kessler and Wisda left the band in 1981.
Hickey and Stefan then recorded a 12-song album, with Steve Verroca (of Link Wray fame) producing. Studio musicians were utilized for the recordings.
They worked together again on Dean Stefan's 1987 solo album Trial and Error
Hickey went on to release many solo albums, co-lead the alt-folk band Show of Hands with future Beach Boy Randell Kirsch (& his wife LuAnn Olson), and lead the alt band Uma.

In 2006 "Empolyment Agency" an 11 track compilation was released which rounded up a lot of their unreleased tracks

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Useless Info - The Appearing On.... EP (Mainly for "Boys Night Out") gets a mention in Shake Some Action - The Ultimate Guide To Power Pop

Friday 27 March 2015

Shrinking Men & Beevers - Hazards In The Home EP (1981)

A1 - Zambezi Mission - Shrinking Men
A2 - Do You Remember - Shrinking Men
B1 - Office Practice - Beevers
B2 - TSB - Beevers
B3 - Mummy's Little Soldier - Shrinking Men

Nice Split D.I.Y. EP from these Reading bands (1978 - 1982) (although it appears to be the same players)

Brian Pump {Wing Commander Nobody} (Voc)
Shrinking Men
Chris Colley (Guitar)
John Moon (Bass)
Nick Duckett (Drums)
Baz (Keys)
Although according to the rear of the sleeve Stuart, Pete, Chuck & Sweep appear to have aided in the making of the tunes + Phil & Paul make an appearance in the band later.

The 45 was released on Nick Duckett's own label [Pop Records International] & utilised the logo from the legendary EMI owned label, Top Rank. Top Rank was not amused, and took him to court where he was made to put stickers on all the subsequent records explaining that "This Record has no connection whatsoever with the Top Rank Organisation and Pop Records apologises for any confusion arising from the use of the "man with gong" symbol"

45's on the Pop Records International label
1980     El Seven     Magnifico E.P.     POP 000 (800 copies pressed)
1980     El Seven     Radio Tokyo / Turn Out the Light     POP 001 (2000 copies pressed)
1981     Shrinking Men / A Fast Crowd / Beevers     Hazards in the Home  E.P.  POP 999 (2500 copies pressed)*

*Track A3 goes unmentioned on this release. The excerpt of this nameless track (called John's Upstairs) being the only recorded evidence of A Fast Crowd
Page From Beyond The River Booklet

If anyone's interested my pick is the Beevers - Office Practice nice sloppy DIY/Mod, which coincidentally was also comped on Messthetics #006 : UK '78-82 "D.I.Y"

Sounds & Scans

There were also 2 more tracks (Marginally Adjusted // Visitors) that were included on the 1982 Reading V/A LP -Beyond The River [Open Door OD001] If you wanna hear more Shrinking Men tunes go here (Thanks also to this site for the invaluable info).

Saturday 21 February 2015

China Dolls - One Hit Wonder (1982)

 b/w Ain't Love Ain't Bad

James Whild Lea (Lead Vocs, All Instruments)
Frank Whild Lea (Drums)
Louise Lea (Vocs)

Originally released as the Dummies "didn't you use to use to be you". Here's the second outing for this 45 - Due to the fact that both Frank and Jim Lea felt the song deserved another attempt. However, the re-release was agian a commercial failure due to distribution problems.

I Could plagiarize but this page explains better.

Non Slade Jim Lea 45's (up to 1982)
1979 The Dummies – "When The Lights Are Out / She's The Only Woman" (Cheapskate Records FWL 001)
1980 The Dummies – "When The Lights Are Out / She's The Only Woman" (Pye Records 7P 163)
1980 The Dummies – "Didn't You Use To Use To Be You / Miles Out To Sea" (Cheapskate Records CHEAP 003)
1981 The Dummies – "Maybe Tonite / When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin'" (Cheapskate Records CHEAP 014)
1982 The China Dolls – "One Hit Wonder / Ain't Love Ain't Bad" (Speed Records FIRED 1)
1982 Greenfields of Tong – "Poland Poland" (Instrumental) (Speed Records FIRED 2)
*Both the labels (Speed & Cheapskate) were owned by Frank Lea - I've included  a Speed discography in the download - if anyone can fill in the gaps please leave a comment

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Sunday 18 January 2015

Tubeless Hearts - Paperback Romance (1982)

b/w - Telephone

Cool Powerpop from this Yorkshire basd band (1981-96)

Trevor Midgley (voc, guitars, keyboards) Ex The News*
Kevin Moore (Bass, voc) Ex Apollo
Trevor Sargent (Guitars)
Replaced by Adrian 'Fos' Foster in Late '82

Simon Kay (Drums, voc)
Sargent & Kay were both Ex The New Tornadoes (Billy Fury’s last backing band,)

Their sole 45 was released on "Posh Records" which was the house label for Bankhouse whose management the Tubeless Hearts amongst others shared. (2 bands being The Gents and The Uncool Danceband (who allegedly recommended the Fairview Recording Studios to them, as Jaqueline was recorded there)

* Paperback Romance is co-written by Alan Quinn & Trevor Midley who were the writing team for both The News 45's (The Other 2 band members being Ivor Drawmer [Keyboards,Voc]) & Roger Harrison [Drums,Voc])

Nowadays Trevor Midgley, Trevor Sargent and Simon Kay occasionally perform under the name of Badfingerz, playing classic 70's hits.

Posh Discography
TOFF 1 - Terry ToniK - Just A Little Mod/Smashed & Blocked (1980)
POSH 001 - The Gents - Faker/The Pink Pantser (1981)
POSH 002 - The Gents - This Way To The Gents [Cassette] (1981)
POSH 003 - The Tubeless Hearts - Paperback Romance/Telephone (1982)

POSH 004 -
POSH 005/006 - Singles - On The Line/Fools Party (1981)
POSH 007 - The Gents -  Revenge/Girl (1983)

POSH 008 -
POSH 009/010 - Kevin And The Press Gang - A Lot To Learn/That's How It Feels (1983)
POSH 011 - Dene Michael And The Thornhill Middle School Choir - The Holy City/Take A Chance (1983)

Go Here if you want to watch Kevin Moore perform as Phil Lynott on Stars In their Eyes 

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