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Thursday 30 June 2011

The Dials - Get Up And Dance (1980)

b/w - She Thought Her Nose Was Bleeding But It's Not

It's been a while since I've posted some Ska so let's rectify that with this.

The Second & final offering from this Middlesex (Sunbury) band. Their 1st was way more punk & can be found here.

Personally I really like the instrumental b-side

The Band were
Matt Stokes (voc)
Neil Howes (guitar, keyboards)
Jamie Bolster (bass)
Jeff Hemsley (drums)
Neil Clarke (sax)

Neil Howes & Jeff Hemsley went on to form the synth pop Thirteen At Midnight

What I find strange about this record is that it has a cat #HS404 but the dead wax has HS403 scratched into it (the b-side also has "wipe this on yer sleeve") not that strange you say..... but there are labels underneath the ones shown & you can just make out HS403 / Roy Hill - "From the bottom of my heart/?" (produced by Hill/Acock) - aborted 45 perhaps!

Sounds & scans below


Tuesday 28 June 2011

The Debutantes - Adolescent Love (1983)

b/w - Say Hello

Great 60's mod pop sounding 45 from this Australian (All Female) Band - If you like Dolly Mixture, then Give this a go!

Merran Laginestra (Voc, Keys)
Judy Sinclair (lead Guitar, Voc)
Alison Gee (Rhythm Guitar Voc)
Bette Summerson (Bass)
Tina Tsiamis (Drums)

The band was formed whist they were still studying at the Pymble Ladies College in Sydney & lasted a few years doing the pub circuit there.

The only member I could find any info on was Merran Laginestra who has had an interesting career & is now living in Madrid (Myspace).

There is a Writing credit for "Say Hello" of Stighardt. (which, by the way has a great kinks guitar sound to it.)

Thanks to Ali Gee for the extra info - see comments

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 25 June 2011

Trendsetters - Set The Trend EP (1981)

A1 - We Are Young
A2 - Born To Follow
B1 - Catholic Girls
B2 - Pressure

Great Punky powerpop from this Pennsylvania qaurtet that I'm posting for the Punk Business Manager (It's been on his mp'3 wants for too long)

Ronnie Rock (voc guitar)
Mike Stanley (guitar voc) - good to see he's got rid of that mustache!!
Bill Byron (bass) ? (I think this is him)
Kevin Shire (drums voc)

If you want to see some cool videos of the band & other projects of Ronnie Rock follow the link

Sounds & Scans Below


Wednesday 22 June 2011

Performance - Sensation Extension (I Need) (1981)

b/w - Sandman

Another 2 sides of D.I.Y. /Post-punk (& again I'm preferring the flip - the crunching sound at the start is, I believe meant to be there)

The band were from Manchester see here, they began life in 1978 as a trio called "58 Variety" (was there a can of Heinz beans around, when they were looking for inspiration by any chance)

Phil Crompton (voc)
Stefan Korab (Guitar)
Phil Walsh (keyboards)

After placing an ad in NME & other music weeklys in late '79 they became a 5 piece, adding
Kevin Mills (bass)
Bernie (drums)

When they played Live there was also miming from Paul & ballet from Phil C's then girlfriend

Thanks to LDK for the info (see comments)

Sounds & Scans Below


Tuesday 21 June 2011

Exposed - Liberty For All EP (1980)

Double A side

1. Plastic America
2. You

Nice double sider from this South London (maybe Surrey) based band (You being my favourite of the 2)

The band were

Kevin White (voc guitar synth)*
Scott Moorehead (bass)
Steve Wright (drums)
Kevin O'Rearden (keyboards)
with Helen helping on backing vocals.

*anyone know if this is the same Kevin White that later played with General Public

Sounds & scans below


Sunday 19 June 2011

Chevy 57 - 57 (1981)

b/w - Alias Smith & Jones

Another 2 tunes from the pen & label of the mighty Peter Malski.

This was the 1st release (of 5) for his "Maestro Records" label - for the other 3 45's go here, here & here. For the LP you can give it a listen here.

Both sides are decent R 'n' R / new wave tunes although again I prefer the flip (anyone else remember that dodgy 70's western series)

The Band were a trio from Northampton and I believe this was their only release as unfortunately the drummer was involved in a serious car accident.

Gary Hitchcock - (voc guitar)
Mick Gross - (Bass)
John Coles - (Drums)

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 18 June 2011

Pointless Exercise - 3 Speed Pain EP (1980)

A - 3 Speed Pain
B1 - Orange
B2 - Stephen

3 tracks of D.I.Y. / post punk for you from this (I think) Cardiff based band.

It received a play on the John Peel show (28.08.80) which I've given a listen to & unfortunately they neglected to add a cover letter to the record, so no info gleamed there but J.P. did call it "stark".

The band must have been slightly annoyed at having to hand change the misprint on all the labels!! (that was a pointless exercise when they could have got them re-printed)

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 16 June 2011

The First Steps - The Beat Is Back EP (1979)

A - The Beat Is Back
B1 - She Ain't In Love
B2 - Let's Go Cuboids

Time for some Punk / powerpop that's less obscure (i.e. it's been comped - on "Shake Some Action 5" & "Back To Front 3")
This is the 1st 45 from this Bury St Edmunds (Mildenhall) trio (I was going to post their 2nd but on a quick internet search I found it's already available here)

The Band were
Phil Thornalley (voc guitar)
Chris Murrell (bass voc)
Jem Murrel (drums)

Both their 45's were released on their own English Rose imprint (Jam Influence anyone?) for info on the band pop over to Bored Teenagers.

Sounds & scans below


Monday 13 June 2011

T 34 - Computer Dating (1981)

b/w - Mind Your Own Business

1st of (I think) only 2 45's from this London based Rock / New wave band. This was recorded at the Spaceward Studios & engineered by Mike Kemp.

The 2nd being "Rock On/Looking After Me (Looking After You) - Galaxy Records 1982 - Released Feb '83"

The Band comprised of

Steve Williams (Voc) 
Mick Clee (Guitar) 
Colin Stuart (Bass Voc) 
John Baker (Drums) 
Wayne Baker (Keyboards)

Drummer John Baker can be found playing with The Anthologists

There is a pic sleeve for this but my copy is amiss

Sounds & scans below


Saturday 11 June 2011

Glass - Tobor Sam (1980)

b/w - Pseudo Creme

Cool sounds from this Altrincham (Greater Manchester, Cheshire) bunch.
Tobor Sam is post punk but the winner to these ears is the punky powerpop sounds of Pseudo Creme with it's Gary Holton like vocals.

The tunes were penned by Snowdon & Farrington & released on their Own (?) Glass records in clear vinyl.

-Not to confused with the London Based Glass (also on Glass Records)

Sounds & scans below


Thursday 9 June 2011

Dandy - Love Potion No 9 (1979)

b/w - Anyway You Want It 

 OK, I'll be honest I bought this on account of it being a cover version (God knows how many covers of the Leiber Stroller hit there are!!). I'll admit to being mildly disappointed but when I flipped it over all my woes went away as Anyway You Want It is a great teenybopper / powerpopper. 

The band were  

Phil Hammond (voc) - yellow shirt 
Jeremy Pictor-Wayne (guitar) - white shirt 
Alf Greenfield (bass) - red shirt 
Nick Potts (drums) - green shirt  

After 2 45's for RCA (their earlier 45 was Disco Dancer/Wam Bam Shang-A-Lang 1978) vocalist Kevin Harris ( ex Stevenson's Rocket ) was drafted in & the band changed their name to The Spitfires. (who released another cool powerpop 45 on RCA Friday On My Mind / Can't Get You Off My Mind)  

production for all their 45's was by Bill Kimber (who also worked on all the Monos! 45's) 

Sunday 5 June 2011

The Naturals - Six Girls And Alice (1981)

b/w - Your Bravery

Cool skinny tie new wave from this quartet

Stu Kinsey (Voc guitar)
Col (bass voc)
Ian (drums voc)
Steve (keyboards voc)

Recorded at the lodge but there are thanks to the Alaska studios so I guess they were London based!

This had a print run of 1000 for "Just For the Record" & was then picked up by "Logo Records" for release late '82

There's some nice band member shots here

Sounds & Scans below


Thursday 2 June 2011

The Continentals - Fizz Pop (Modern Rock) (1979)

b/w - (I Lost My Love On A) 747

London based U.S. boys with a UK release - I'm not sure if this 45 or for that matter their 2nd - Housewives' Delight/Thing's That Go Bump (In The Night)* ever got a U.S. release. I know there was a 10" on Epic in 1980 (Available Here) & possibly a 12" release of the same tracks in Canada.

Still that doesn't detract from this being an excellent powerpopper from the Trio
Thomas Doherty
William Holliday
Alan Harris

Both their 45's were produced by Tommy "Ramone" Erdely & their manger at the time was Doug Smith (Motorhead's manager)

As you can see by the labels in the download it was due for a 6th July release but was postponed until the 20th.

Doherty & Holliday went straight on to produce & write for Whirlwind

* I've only ever seen demo's of their 2nd CBS single - anyone know if it got a proper release

Sounds & scans below