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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Trendsetters - Set The Trend EP (1981)

A1 - We Are Young
A2 - Born To Follow
B1 - Catholic Girls
B2 - Pressure

Great Punky powerpop from this Pennsylvania qaurtet that I'm posting for the Punk Business Manager (It's been on his mp'3 wants for too long)

Ronnie Rock (voc guitar)
Mike Stanley (guitar voc) - good to see he's got rid of that mustache!!
Bill Byron (bass) ? (I think this is him)
Kevin Shire (drums voc)

If you want to see some cool videos of the band & other projects of Ronnie Rock follow the link

Sounds & Scans Below



  1. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing this cool and hard to find gem, Bruce. Cheers!

  2. Thank you. Great single, as usual in this place.

  3. too bad you're in the UK, they're playing a reunion show tonight...

  4. Let's hope some footage find's it's way on to You-Tube

  5. Yeah I hope so too. Actually, we're in the beginning of a snowstorm that's supposed to drop a foot today--I hope the show goes on as planned. I'll post an update let you know how it goes....

  6. The show was postponed till tonight. The snow storm we just had yesterday set records for snow in October, knocked down a lot of trees, and many people are still without power. The show went on tonight with 3 of the 4 original Trendsetters, and it was great! Great enough that there's a little talk of future shows as well. I'm not sure how much if any got filmed though, but keep your eyes out on YouTube, maybe you'll get lucky...

  7. If anyone else is following this; here's a photo of the 3 members Now


  8. Wow, I wish I would have noticed this, these guys are from my back yard. It would have been cool to see them. Oh well, maybe next time! Thanks Bruce, great post!