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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The First Steps - The Beat Is Back EP (1979)

A - The Beat Is Back
B1 - She Ain't In Love
B2 - Let's Go Cuboids

Time for some Punk / powerpop that's less obscure (i.e. it's been comped - on "Shake Some Action 5" & "Back To Front 3")
This is the 1st 45 from this Bury St Edmunds (Mildenhall) trio (I was going to post their 2nd but on a quick internet search I found it's already available here)

The Band were
Phil Thornalley (voc guitar)
Chris Murrell (bass voc)
Jem Murrel (drums)

Both their 45's were released on their own English Rose imprint (Jam Influence anyone?) for info on the band pop over to Bored Teenagers.

Sounds & scans below



  1. ah, this time a record i know and i own by myself. normally you surprised me with records i never heard or saw before. bristolboy, thanks for all the little treasures you share with us and keep up your great work !

  2. Thanks for the comment Razor, I was having a conversation with my partner about whether to
    1.just post great music (rare or not)
    or should I
    2.keep the posts obscure (some good but not necessarily great) & to throw in classic tracks every so often.
    --- I think I'll carry on with the 2nd option - Music like this deserves a wider audience than it got 30+ years ago. (If anyone's interested -- she agreed with me!)

  3. Bruce, great or obscure, I love both, but the main thing is that as long as you've got things to post, just try not to post things that are already available elsewhere, which is what you already do anyway. So keep it up, this is probably my favourite blog as every other post is completely new to me, and I was there back in the day!