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Saturday 15 June 2024

Y Ficar - Byw Mewn Cwt Yng Ngwaelod Yr Ardd (1982)

b/w Cysgu'r Nos

English Translation : Living In A Hut At The Bottom Of The Garden / Sleeping At Night

Y Ficar (The Vicar) were an 8 Piece Welsh Ska/Pop band from Felinheli, North Wales (1981-87). 

Ficar At A Screch Awards Night 
Gwyn "Dan" Roberts (Voc)
Dylan "Dygs" Huws (Guitar Voc)
Emyr "Himyrs" Roberts (Bass Voc)
Aled "Ali Bongo" Williams (Drums)
Geoffrey "Jiffar" Jones (Keys)
Gwilym John (Sax)
Wyn Williams (Trumpet)
Martin Fearn (Trombone)
With help along the way from 
Richard Morris (Spanish Guitar), Einon Williams (Bodhrán, Congas), Bill Evans (Violin), Elfred Williams (Tuba) & Gwawr Ceiriog (Backing Voc) 

1982 VA LP Gorau Sgrech Sgrechian Corwen - Seibiria Serenêd {Live 23/01/82}  [Ty Gwyn TG 001S]
1982 7'' Byw Mewn Cwt Yng Ngwaelod Yr Ardd / Cysgu'r Nos [Recordiau Sain SAIN 97S]
1982 VA 7'' EP Gyda Chymorth C.A.C - Ŵ Cyrnol [Recordiau Fflach FFLACH 004]
1982 7'' Cei Felinheli / Annwyl Mr Atlas, Hirodîn [Recordiau Fflach, FFLACH 006]
1983 LP Allan o Diwn {Y Gegin A Ddiflannodd / Cysgod Lleidr / Seibiria Serenêd / Nos Lun Yn  /  Rio / Nos Lun Yn Rio / Clint (Yr Iaith Ar Y Paith) / Rhywbeth I'w Ddweud / Diwrnod  / Marchnad / Diti (Dygs) / Y Ficar Tŵ Tôn / 'Sgidiau' Newydd / Amser Cau} [Recordiau Sain SAIN 1271M]
1983 7'' 5 Diwrnod / Aberdaron [Trons TRONS ‎001]
1984 LP Yn Dal i Gredu {Perlau / Troi'r Olwyn / Y Gwenith Gwyn / Oddi Fewn / Be Sy'n Mynd / Ymlaen?  / Propaganda / Rhy Hwyr / Lliw Haul} [Trons TRONS 002]
1984 VA Cassette Teulu Huw Tan Voel - Bŵts [Recordiau'r Felin]
1885 Cassette Saith Norman (Ar Lan Y Mor) {Fel Cyffur / Taro Bargen / Tynnu Lawr / Pethau Cain /  Fel Yna Mae /  Hi Weithiau / Cei Felinheli / Lawr Ar Y Cei (Megamix) [Trons TRONS 003]

Bi-Monthly Welsh Language Music Magazine Sgrech [1978-85] Held an Annual Awards Night. 
All the below were held at the Corwen Pavilion  

Screch Awards '81    Promising Group of the Year:    Y Ficar
Screch Awards '82    Main Rock Group:                     Y Ficar
Screch Awards '82    Best Single Record:                  Cei Felinheli 
Screch Awards '83    Best LP/Cassette:                      Allan o Diwn 
Screch Awards '84    Best LP/Cassette:                      Yn Dal i Gredu

Sounds & Scans

Monday 6 May 2024

The Stoat - Up To You (1978)

b/w - Loving A Killer

Great Who styled powerpop from this South-West London trio (1977-79)

John Waters (Voc Guitar) 
Richard Wall (Bass Voc) 
George Decsy (Drums)

11-1977 7'' - Office Girl / Little Jenny - City Records NIK1
07-1978 7'' - Up To You / Loving a Killer - City Records NIK3
10-1978 Peel Session - Escorts /Don't Say Nothing /Tears Run Dry /No Way To Say Goodbye (Unreleased)

Useless info - Loving a Killer is dedicated to Mary Bell who in 1968 strangled two 10 year-old boys. She was also aged 10 & after her conviction of manslaughter became Britain's youngest female killer.

Sunday 7 April 2024

The Burpas - Fat Man (1981)

b/w - Dummies

A nice mix of Ska & New Wave on the only release from this Cardiff 5 piece (1980-81)

Caroline Limmer (Voc)
Matthew Mars-Jones (Guitar)
Chris Honeybone (Bass)
Sian Edwards (Drums Voc)
Michael Kirkland (Sax)

They Began life as ‘Big Daddy And The Burpas’ when formed at the Cardiff Art College but slimmed down to the above line-up after a few gigs.

Off the back of winning the 1980 Welsh Rock and Pop Competition [held at the Top Rank Cardiff Suite], they released this single on the Dutch Dureco Benelux label early in '81. It was produced by Tony Etoria whom they first met in 1980 when Tony was running events at Mel's Club (111 Bute Street) in Butetown.  

Alex Miles (Ex Vaseline Tigers) joined on drums around June '81, leaving both Caroline and Sian to share vocal duties until Caroline left during July.

The band relocated to Brixton, London during September.

Useless Info 1 Caroline used to run the Bar for Art College events.

Useless Info 2 They played along side many bands during their brief tenure including Moira and the Mice, Reptile Ranch, The Riotous Brothers, The Selecter and Misty In Roots.

Thanks to Cardiff Music History for some of the info.

Saturday 2 March 2024

The KGB - The KGB (1981)

b/w See Me

Great Mod/Punk/Powerpop sounds from this Wallingford Oxfordshire Band
Bob Nicols RIP (Voc, Bass)
Arpad Toth (Guitar) & song writer
Steve Harris (Drums)

Special guest appearances on See Me from Steve's brother Peter & future wife Lorraine

The songs were recorded at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge. Sept 1981 & the 45 was released on their own A Major label [KGB 001] in Nov 1981.

Useless Info 1 - Some early copies come with a "The KGB" stamped white sleeve (Designed, Commissioned & Stamped [until he got bored] by Steve)

Useless Info 2 - In March 1982 10 more songs were recorded at the now defunct Roxon Studios in Watlington, Oxfordshire for a proposed LP but due to lack of money it was never released.

Saturday 10 February 2024

The Mint - Marlene (1979)

b/w Mediterranean Nights

Written by Parton (M.S.)

Another 45 I know little to nothing about but Marlene is always worth a few listens (nice Folky New Wave)

Due to the catalogue # HT/SPS-1595 we can surmise it was recorded at the Hollick & Taylor Studios 16, Grosvenor Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B20 3NP.

Leading me to agree with 45 Revs that the band were more than likely from the Midlands area.

Useless info - Hollick & Taylor (q.v.) takes it's name from the building/studio owner John Taylor joining forces with Engineer Charles Hollick.

Saturday 6 January 2024

Freelance - The Writing On The Wall (1983)

b/w Elinor / One More Time

The A-side is not really to my taste (a bit to "Progressive Rock") but the 2 tracks on the B-side are right up my street.

I'm presuming this 5 piece were Nottingham Based due to the record being recorded at Sin City Studios (div of Nohponex Ltd). 228 Forest Rd W Nottingham NG7

According to the Labels the Band were:
Phil Cragg
Rick Stoker
& it was Produced / Engineered by Peter Walters (Sin City's Studio Manager)

Useless Info - The Owner/Chief Engineer of Sin City was Byron Sacorafos, who was the First Manager of Plummet Airlines.
(Sin City was advertised in the Press as having Two 16Track Studios, a Recreation Room and a 4Track Rehearsal Studio)

As always if anyone can add any info, please leave a comment.