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Saturday 10 February 2024

The Mint - Marlene (1979)

b/w Mediterranean Nights

Written by Parton (M.S.)

Another 45 I know little to nothing about but Marlene is always worth a few listens (nice Folky New Wave)

Due to the catalogue # HT/SPS-1595 we can surmise it was recorded at the Hollick & Taylor Studios 16, Grosvenor Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B20 3NP.

Leading me to agree with 45 Revs that the band were more than likely from the Midlands area.

Useless info - Hollick & Taylor (q.v.) takes it's name from the building/studio owner John Taylor joining forces with Engineer Charles Hollick.


  1. I heard this a while back (probably LDK) and felt that it was bordering on novelty. I like it a lot more this time round. Reminds me of Jeep but more stripped back. No doubt flares and facial hair were involved but that doesn't matter much these days.

    Is there anything of interest in the dead wax? SRT, Ellie Jay?

  2. Dead wax just reads HT-SPS-1595.A-IC & HT-SPS-1595.B-IC Which is stamped rather than scratched

  3. Hello! Are you aware of the great lost song hunt going on for a song identified as "Everyone Knows That?" It's going quite viral.